Health insurance subsidized by employers is becoming steady

Health Insurance plans

The rate of employees receiving coverage through their employers is starting to even out. According to the results of a survey that were released on Friday, less than half of American adults were taking part in a health insurance plan through their employers last year. The survey showed that the market is now indicating that it is stabilizing after a period of solid decline. Though workers haven’t reached the point where even half of them are able to receive their health insurance coverage through their employers, after three solid years…

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Healthcare reforms could benefit from dropped employer coverage

healthcare reforms quality and cost

The quality and cost of medical services could improve without their participation. Although the 2010 Affordable Care Act from President Obama promises workers that if they enjoy their health insurance coverage from their employers, they will be able to keep it under the healthcare reforms, there are some in the industry that are now wondering if the system would be more effective and less expensive if employers dropped the coverage that they provide. The intention of the law is actually to expand the coverage from employers across the country. However,…

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TrueCost plan sparks dispute in Cincinnati

health insurance rates highest and lowest

TrueCost plan provokes standoff between employees and employers A standoff in Cincinnati, Ohio, between employees and their employers has formed concerning a controversial new health insurance plan called TrueCost. The plan has become very popular for Cincinnati employers, but workers are concerning over the potential the plan has of introducing a variety of new medical costs. So far, nine Cincinnati employers, representing some 5,000 employers combined, have adopted the TrueCost plan, which comes from Custom Design Benefits. Plan allows employers to take control of health care costs According to employers,…

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Health insurance for small businesses still being considered by Walmart

Walmart health Insurance

The retail giant is still deciding whether or not it is interested in entering into that sector of the industry. Though no commitment has yet been made by Walmart, the massive retailer has indicated that it is still considering the option of offering health insurance to small businesses. It has already invested a great deal into its pharmacies, but it is taking care with future steps. Last week, there were discussions about the company’s interest in becoming involved in the small business health insurance sector, which is an area where…

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Health insurance change goes unnoticed by many small businesses

Health Insurance book report law

Small, yet significant change to health insurance mandate made late last year Small businesses throughout the U.S. have been bracing for the financial impact of new health insurance regulations that will go active in 2014. Projections suggest that the health insurance policies that these companies offer to employees will become significantly more expensive when these regulations go live. In late December, 2012, amidst debates concerning the “fiscal cliff” that the country had been facing, an amendment to these federal regulations was introduced that went mostly unnoticed by small businesses. Regulation…

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Health insurance avoided by Wendy’s franchisee by cutting worker hours

Wendy's restaurant health insurance

Full time employees have been dropped back to part time hours so that the franchise won’t have to cover them. It has been revealed that an Omaha, Nebraska owner of a Wendy’s franchise has the intention of slashing the hours of 300 full time employees in order to make them part time workers so that the company can avoid having to provide them with health insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act. The franchise is not required to have to provide part timers with medical benefits, which explains the…

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Health insurance decisions will need to be made by businesses

Health Insurance benefits

There is now less than a year for companies to decide on the employee benefit options they wish to provide. With New Year’s Day behind us, there is now less than one year before the heart of the healthcare reforms go into effect, causing companies to need to take a serious look at the health insurance benefits that they intend to offer once January 1, 2014 comes around. The overhaul to the system and the coverage laws will reshape the way American employers offer benefits. After the healthcare reforms go…

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