Montana earthquake insurance policyholders are few and far between

montana earthquake insurance

Residents of the state are cleaning up after having experienced a 5.8-magnatude quake last week. Montana earthquake insurance has been a subject of discussion for the first time in a very long time as residents pick up after last week’s quake. Homeowners and business owners find themselves looking into their policies to see what type of damage is and is not covered when the ground rocks. In a state where earthquakes – particularly strong ones – rarely happen, insurance companies are getting inquiries. Agents say that they are receiving inquiries…

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Earthquake insurance sales continue their growth in Oklahoma

fracking oklahoma earthquake insurance

As the state continues to experience one quake after the next, experts are cautioning residents to be ready for more. May was a month that brought a rash of quakes to Oklahoma (which many are blaming on the hydraulic fracturing, “fracking” being conducted in the state), and this has caused homeowners to purchase earthquake insurance, as experts warn that more tremors are likely on their way. This recent trend has been causing this sector of this insurance industry to experience rapid growth. As a person’s home is likely the largest…

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Earthquake insurance shakes up homeowner confidence

Oklahoma earthquake insurance coverage

After the 6.9 magnitude quake shook Northern California, standard policyholders wonder about coverage. Recent tremors over the last few days have spiked the number of calls that homeowners and earthquake insurance companies have been receiving in order to find out what type of coverage they have and to make sure that they do have protection if the “big one” should strike. The California quake has received the most attention, but there were two in South Carolina, as well. Those two rumbles were notably lower than their Californian cousin, at a…

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Earthquake insurance recommendations made following recent activity

Oklahoma Earthquake Insurance

The tremors that have been occurring in Oklahoma have caused officials to discuss coverage. There have been a number of homeowners across Oklahoma that have been taken completely off guard when their homes were rocked by tremors, and they are now starting to look into earthquake insurance, particularly as state and industry officials have started to talk about the coverage. There are a number of different things that should be taken into account when shopping for these policies. Experts in and representatives of the earthquake insurance industry have been speaking…

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Earthquake insurance premiums fall for some California customers

Earthquake Insurance

Some consumers in the state will find that rates are dropping so that the coverage is more affordable. Two major earthquake insurance companies in California have just announced that they will be lowering the rates that they charge for the coverage against tremors in the state. The approval was given to the insurers by the commissioner of the state on Friday. The commissioner in California, Dave Jones, made his announcement on Friday, which said that he had approved a rate reduction of 15 percent for earthquake insurance policies provided by…

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