Auto insurance fraud may be put to rest by driverless vehicles

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Driverless cars could be a powerful weapon against auto insurance fraud Auto insurance remains a problematic issue throughout the U.S. Fraud is quite common in this sector, especially in states like New York and Florida, and modern efforts to combat fraud on a legislative level have proven fruitless. The prevalence of fraud is causing auto insurance costs to skyrocket throughout the country, putting more pressure on lawmakers to find a way to crack down on fraud before costs begin to spiral out of control. The solution may be as simple…

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Driverless Cars Bring Uncertainty to the Car Insurance Industry

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Most of the time, we don’t need need to think about car insurance. Every now and again accidents occur, forcing drivers to break out those little-used plastic cards for an information swap. It’s how we hold each other accountable on the road. But what if drivers didn’t control their cars’ actions? Talk of futuristic “driverless” cars has insurance companies scratching their heads. Expected to reduce accidents and increase accessibility, driverless cars are one of the latest technologies being developed, according to Mercury News. These motorized cars are already being tested on the…

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Auto insurance industry may face the advent of driverless cars

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Report shows the rise in popularity of self-driving vehicles amongst automakers Self-driving cars may have a powerful impact on the auto industry, according to a new report from the Center for Automotive Research (CAR). The report shows that the auto industry is on the verge of commercializing self-driving vehicles, suggesting that the first of these could be seen en masse beginning in 2019. While self-driving vehicles may be the wave of the future for the auto industry, the y could have serious implications for the auto insurance industry, especially if…

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