Genetic testing practices to change among life insurance companies

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Insurers in Canada have stated that consumers will no longer be required to disclose their data when buying coverage. New genetic testing practices are on their way to life insurance companies in Canada. Canadians applying for new coverage had previously been required to disclose the results of any DNA tests they’d had. That regulation for consumers will be changing as of 2018 when buying policies for under $250,000. The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) stated that the change will apply to most individual policies sold to consumers every…

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Could health insurance discrimination result from DNA data collection?

health insurance discrimination dna genetic testing

In all but one G7 country, there are laws to protect people from losing rights based on their genetics. There is a rising belief among geneticists that the completion of genome sequencing would cause people to discover things about themselves that they don’t want to know, but many don’t realize that health insurance discrimination could also result from this type of test. These tests produce a detailed analysis of a person’s complete genetic code and they are not expensive to obtain. Naturally, DNA tests will not guarantee that a person…

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Insurance agent loses license after alleged DNA fraud

DNA genetic insurance agent

The former employee of Mukilteo State Farm following a number of different ethical violations. A former insurance agent named Jaime Sue Joyner, previously of Mukilteo State Farm, has now had her license revoked by Washington state after investigators discovered that she had been involved in a number of activities that are not permitted. Joyner was allegedly involved in a number of different ethical violations while she was on the job. Among the ethical violations of which she has been accused was submitting a sample of her own DNA in place…

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