Disability insurance fraud detection may soon include your social media posts

Disability insurance fraud - Frisbee throwing

Federal disability payment recipients may want to watch what they share on Facebook and Twitter. Disability insurance fraud detection efforts may soon include the right to view what payment recipients are posting on social media. Efforts by the Trump administration have been silently underway to make this access legally possible. The Trump administration’s efforts would allow the access and use of social media posts to aid in their efforts to detect disability insurance fraud. This would mean that people collecting Social Security disability benefits may have their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

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Disability insurance fraud in New York City could reach $400 million

Disability Insurance Fraud

Fraudsters in the city have been found to have been scamming the system for decades. Last week, more than 100 former employees of New York City were charged with disability insurance fraud after having allegedly faked psychological issues in order to be able to collect their benefits. According to prosecutors on the case, the total that NYC has experienced in fake claims could reach $400 million. This total dates back over many years, to 1988. The prosecutors say that since that time there have been about $400 million in disability…

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Disability insurance fraud crackdown underscores issues in program

Disability Insurance

Federal authorities have discovered massive problems in the coverage plan for injured workers. A probe that has been continuing for two years, so far, has just led federal authorities to make 68 arrests in Puerto Rico, having to do with fraudulent claims on disability insurance. This, according to information from the U.S. Social Security Administration’s inspector general. The inspector general from the U.S. Social Security Administration has stated that prosecutors have now also charged a former Social Security employee as well as three doctors with having taken part in assisting…

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California District Attorneys awarded million in grants to fight insurance fraud

California’s Department of Insurance is issuing over $3 million in grants to the state’s District Attorneys in an effort to battle the spread of fraudulent disability and health claims. The state has been wracked with fraud for several years, a fact that Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has labored to rectify. According to Jones, the grants will be used to fun investigations and prosecutions as the state government looks to crack down on insurance fraud. Jones hopes that the move will also dissuade individuals from committing fraud, knowing that District Attorneys…

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New York is fraught with insurance fraud

According to a new report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Buffalo, New York, is home to a staggeringly high amount of questionable medical insurance claims. Second only to New York City, Buffalo adds to the states already extensive history of insurance turmoil. The report takes into account all occurrences of claims that have been found as “faked or exaggerated,” as well as instances of “excessive treatment.” The 7,026 questionable claims were filed throughout the state last year. Buffalo accounts for 145 of those, with New York City taking…

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