Disability insurance health proofs your retirement plan

Disability Insurance

Are your golden years protected against the cost of illness and injury? Though disability insurance is considered one of the key elements of any sound retirement plan, all too many Americans are finding themselves without this vital financial protection, even if they diligently max out their IRA and 401(k) every year. Individuals and financial planners alike are overlooking the need to discuss this topic. Though many concentrate hard on the risk of remaining employed due to economic circumstances, many are neglecting to remember that there are other reasons that an…

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Most U.S. residents want to protect their incomes but don’t have disability insurance

disability insurance

Americans want to be able to protect their financial future, but lack a primary coverage in that plan. A study performed by Northwestern Mutual, called The State of Planning in American, has shown that being able to maintain a certain standard of living is a primary goal among residents of the United States, but few are actually taking the necessary steps, such as purchasing disability insurance, to make sure that their ability to achieve this goal is protected. The top financial goal for Americans is “having a good standard of…

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