Auto insurance rates are high in Detroit

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Detroit is home to some of the highest car insurance rates in the country Owning a vehicle in Detroit, Michigan, is quite expensive, according to a new study from The study highlights the cost of auto insurance coverage throughout the U.S., taking note of where insurance rates are highest. Notably, Detroit is home to some of the highest insurance premiums in the U.S. The city’s rates are even higher than those found in New York City, where auto insurance has long been plagued by fraud and other issues. Rates…

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Could the city of Detroit become an auto insurance company?

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The mayor has proposed that the city begin its own coverage to help to overcome several problems. The mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan, has been drawing quite a bit of attention back to his struggling city has he has proposed that he would begin an auto insurance company that will help to keep the skyrocketing premiums under control in the area. The announcement was made within the mayor’s State of the City address. He pointed out that recent red lining has led drivers who had already been paying high annual…

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Car insurance companies face increased spending on payments for treating injuries from accidents

Michigan is facing an ongoing battle over its no-fault automobile insurance regulations, specifically where it involves the unlimited coverage it provides for catastrophic injuries, and whether that should be hedged back in order to attempt to control rapidly increasing premiums. A secondary issue within the state – and which is not receiving quite as much attention – is the rising costs of injury treatments from auto accidents. At the moment, these expenses are greater than those for the treatments of injuries that have resulted from other circumstances. According to AAA…

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Legislators fight back against auto insurance changes in Michigan

New legislation in Michigan seeking to change the state’s auto insurance laws has found opposition with some of the state’s lawmakers. Michigan Democrats have taken issue with the pending legislation, claiming that it is unfair for some motorists that currently have trouble paying for the insurance coverage they have. The law would remove the cap on medical benefits provided through insurance coverage for those injured in auto accidents as well as broaden the requirement for the level of coverage drivers should have. Supporters of the legislation argue that it will…

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Michigan insurance scam may have left many paying for phony coverage

Michigan insurance regulators are reporting that hundreds of drivers in Detroit may be victims of a scam. Nearly 1,000 fraudulent insurance policies were issued from a company based in Texas. State regulators have ordered Michigan-based Don Diamond and Ethos insurance to stop fraudulent deals as they continue investigating the situation. The policies in question seem to have originated from either Diamond or Ethos. Diamond argues that the fake policies come from malicious subcontractors in Detroit. While state regulators suspect that as many as 1,000 people have fallen prey to the…

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