5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Migrate to the Cloud

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We are living in a world of ones and zeros and as we move into a new dimension of digital connectivity, every business should be connected to the cloud. Storing your data on a secure remote server makes total sense, a lot safer than storing it on your office hard drives and with that in mind, here are a few compelling reasons to migrate your business data to the cloud. Bookkeeping & accounting – Once you have a secure cloud network, create a username and password for your accountant for…

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Insurance industry would prefer data security to tech innovation

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Cybersecurity is already among the top trends in many markets but especially among insurers. As the year is launched with the announcement of all new forms of technology, such as those being demoed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the insurance industry is hoping that a larger focus will be placed on cybersecurity and data security. A number of high profile data breaches occurred throughout 2015, including among large insurance companies. Following the data breaches of health insurers Anthem and Premera, the insurance industry was given the evidence it needed…

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Insurance commissioners across the U.S. seek to combat the cyber attack threat

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They are now working with American federal legislators to help to combat the evolving nature of data breaches. State insurance commissioners have announced that they will be working in partnership with federal legislators in order to try to improve defenses against the damage being caused by the rapid evolution of cyber threats. At the same time, these industry regulators aren’t seeking to adopt new national regulations or legislation over their own authority. The insurance commissioners do want to try to combat the increasing threat from cyber attacks and data breaches,…

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How A Black Box Could Lower Auto Insurance Rates

Usage Based Insurance

Are you a young or relatively inexperienced driver who is tired of paying astronomical auto insurance rates? A solution to these staggering fees may be coming to a broker near you. And it comes in the form of a little black box. Yes, the technology that solves airline crash mysteries is becoming available to passenger cars. Perhaps, even the one in your driveway. Usage-based Insurance Just north of the border, Desjardins Insurance has began offering its clients in Ontario and Quebec “usage-based” insurance. This option is meant to allow high-risk drivers…

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CSC announces the creation of the Insurance Cybersecurity Advisory Council

The Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has announced that it has created an Insurance Cybersecurity Advisory Council to assist in the creation of technology strategies and best practices for property and casualty insurers, life insurance companies, and annuity providers, so that they can more effectively control their risk of cyber attacks. This new Council is made up of IT and business executives from a wide range of different insurance companies and will work with the CSC in the promotion of awareness of the issue, and to help to educate the industry…

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