Cyber insurance claims are made by 4 out of 10 companies

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A new survey has revealed that a very large percentage of businesses have filed against their policies. When it comes to business coverage, cyber insurance has been increasing quite rapidly in popularity as a results of the many high profile data breaches that have occurred over the last few years. Unfortunately, while coverage is more common, it’s also being used quite a bit by the companies that have it. While the idea behind buying a policy is usually to get it just in case, while hoping that it will never…

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Insurance industry in the US continues drawing attention to cyber insurance

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Insurance industry well attuned to digital risks The Internet has become an all-encompassing resource for information and community for most of the world. Today, the Internet supports a multitude of businesses, many of which rely on the digital world to reach out to consumers and sell products around the world. While the Internet is often considered one of the greatest accomplishments in human history to date, it is not a utopia. Within the Internet are many threats that businesses, consumers, and governments have yet to become acclimated to. The cyber…

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Cyber risk insurance becoming a concern for businesses

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Cyber risk insurance may help companies protect themselves Cyber security is beginning to be a major concern in the U.S., according to a new study published by Corporate Board Member and FTI Consulting. As the world of business becomes more accommodating of emerging technologies, the possibility of cyber attacks is becoming more pronounced. Data breach can cause serious damage to a company both in terms of finance and reputation, leading many businesses to seek out cyber risk insurance coverage. This coverage is designed to protect companies from malicious cyber attacks.…

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North American companies avoiding cyber insurance according to Towers Watson

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Are companies leaving themselves vulnerable to a cyber attack? Towers Watson, a leading consulting firm with expertise in risk assessment, has released its annual review of corporate risk this week. The firm surveyed several corporations throughout North America and found that most do not take cyber security seriously, especially in terms of insurance coverage. The firm has also found that the corporations purchasing cyber security insurance are doing so in limited capacity and seem unwilling to purchase comprehensive coverage. This may be a problem in a world where the Internet and…

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What should you think about when you consider buying cyber insurance

Data breaches are a form of attack that can come on with absolutely no warning or provocation, and can cause either very little or no damage, or can cripple a business’s ability to function. Because they are so unpredictable, making them extremely challenging to budget for, cyber insurance is considered by many to be a very practical way to offset any of the unanticipated costs that can be associated with them. That said, it remains very important to take additional preventive efforts and security practices to ensure that your data…

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MasterCard and Visa warn of massive security breach, insurers highlighting the need for cyber security

Financial giant MasterCard has announced that there may have been a breach in its security systems this week. The potential breach is linked to a third-party vendor based in the United States. MasterCard has contacted banks and law enforcement to mitigate the problems caused by the security breach and has also elicited the aid of an independent security organization to assess the extent of the damage the breach may have caused. This particular breach could have an impact on more than 10 million customers around the world. MasterCard has been…

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Insurance groups warns companies to take cyber attacks seriously and protect themselves accordingly

As “hacktivism” becomes a major concern for companies all over the world who manage electronic data, the need for insurance protection against cyber attacks is becoming more apparent. Sihle Insurange Group, a Florida-based insurance organization, has begun a campaign to promote this type of protection. The insurer is warning companies in the U.S. that they need to be more proactive about their security lest they fall prey to hackers looking to cause a bit of mischief. Even a hacker looking for a laugh at the expense of others can cause…

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Liberty International Underwriters launches three new cyber liability insurance products to protect consumers and companies from attack

Liberty International Underwriters, a specialty lines division of Liberty Mutual Insurance, has announced that it will be providing three new cyber liability products. Insurers are beginning to take the risk of cybercrime seriously, especially as more hackers become more brazen in their attacks on companies and government institutions. While companies face the potential for major losses as the result of cybercrime, consumers are the ones that are affected most by attacks. Identity theft is rampant in the world of technology, and many have found their sensitive financial information compromised due…

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Corporations may be hiding information on cyberattacks from investors and the SEC

Large corporations may be keeping cyberattacks a secret from investors and the public, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In October of last year, the agency released documentation that outlined the necessary measures corporations must take if they have been the target of an attack. The document outlined reporting procedures for such events, but the agency suspects that companies have not taken these requirements to heart for the sake of their businesses. Since October, a scant few corporations have followed the reporting procedures outlined by the SEC, despite…

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Hackers steal source code from Symantec – cyber security again highlighted by insurers

Acclaimed Internet security company Symantec has announced that the source code for its popular pcAnywhere program has been stolen by hackers. The company has issued a warning encouraging consumers to discontinue use of all Norton Antivirus, Internet Security and SystemWorks programs including pcAnywhere while they are fixing the bugs. Earlier this month, fabled hacker group Anonymous claimed that the company’s source code for these security programs had been compromised. After investigating the matter, Symantec has acknowledged that this is, in fact, the case. The issue can quickly turn into an…

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