Insurance Noodle launches new cyber insurance package

Cyber Insurance

Cyber protection is becoming more important Insurance Noodle, a small but ambitious insurance company, has announced that it is offering a new package of commercial insurance coverage that is designed to protect the risks that are being seen in the technology sector. The new package provides coverage plans for technology professionals, such as programmers, web developers, software designers, and app developers. There are also plans associated with the package that provide coverage for IT consultants and those working with staffing firms. Cyber liability coverage is something many businesses need, but…

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Cyber risk insurance becoming a concern for businesses

cyber insurance

Cyber risk insurance may help companies protect themselves Cyber security is beginning to be a major concern in the U.S., according to a new study published by Corporate Board Member and FTI Consulting. As the world of business becomes more accommodating of emerging technologies, the possibility of cyber attacks is becoming more pronounced. Data breach can cause serious damage to a company both in terms of finance and reputation, leading many businesses to seek out cyber risk insurance coverage. This coverage is designed to protect companies from malicious cyber attacks.…

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Lloyd’s of London highlights reputational risk and regulation as top concerns for insurers

Insurance Industry News Deal

Survey suggests insurers are vexed by increasing risks Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s largest providers of insurance and reinsurance, has released the results of its latest survey concerning the global insurance industry. The survey indicates that many of the world’s leading insurance executives are becoming increasing concerned with reputational risk and insurance regulations. These concerns are spurring new actions from insurance companies, including the offering of new policies and, in some cases, the abandonment of some markets or refusal to provide coverage to controversial organizations. Stricter regulations pose…

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What should you think about when you consider buying cyber insurance

Data breaches are a form of attack that can come on with absolutely no warning or provocation, and can cause either very little or no damage, or can cripple a business’s ability to function. Because they are so unpredictable, making them extremely challenging to budget for, cyber insurance is considered by many to be a very practical way to offset any of the unanticipated costs that can be associated with them. That said, it remains very important to take additional preventive efforts and security practices to ensure that your data…

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MasterCard and Visa warn of massive security breach, insurers highlighting the need for cyber security

Financial giant MasterCard has announced that there may have been a breach in its security systems this week. The potential breach is linked to a third-party vendor based in the United States. MasterCard has contacted banks and law enforcement to mitigate the problems caused by the security breach and has also elicited the aid of an independent security organization to assess the extent of the damage the breach may have caused. This particular breach could have an impact on more than 10 million customers around the world. MasterCard has been…

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Insurance groups warns companies to take cyber attacks seriously and protect themselves accordingly

As “hacktivism” becomes a major concern for companies all over the world who manage electronic data, the need for insurance protection against cyber attacks is becoming more apparent. Sihle Insurange Group, a Florida-based insurance organization, has begun a campaign to promote this type of protection. The insurer is warning companies in the U.S. that they need to be more proactive about their security lest they fall prey to hackers looking to cause a bit of mischief. Even a hacker looking for a laugh at the expense of others can cause…

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Liberty International Underwriters launches three new cyber liability insurance products to protect consumers and companies from attack

Liberty International Underwriters, a specialty lines division of Liberty Mutual Insurance, has announced that it will be providing three new cyber liability products. Insurers are beginning to take the risk of cybercrime seriously, especially as more hackers become more brazen in their attacks on companies and government institutions. While companies face the potential for major losses as the result of cybercrime, consumers are the ones that are affected most by attacks. Identity theft is rampant in the world of technology, and many have found their sensitive financial information compromised due…

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