Cyber insurance market will be twice as big over 3 years, Munich Re

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Data breaches and other cyber attacks are growing in frequency and size, boosting coverage need. The cyber insurance market will reach more than 8 billion dollars by 2020, representing a doubling from its 2017 figure, says Munich Re. Cyber attacks making major headlines are rapidly becoming more dramatic and damaging. Among the most damaging cyber attacks organizations have seen over recent months and years include WannaCry and NotPetra. These malwares had a significant economic impact as they infected hundreds of thousands of devices last year. These high profile attacks have…

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AIG CEO says that cyber insurance has a “very small” capacity

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Peter D. Hancock recently spoke, saying that this coverage is lagging behind what other forms of protection offer. The chief executive officer of American International Group, Peter D. Hancock, has stated that when it comes to cyber insurance, the coverage has fallen behind the type of protection that is available through other types of policy. Hancock expressed his opinions about this coverage against cyberattacks while speaking at a recent event. While talking at New York University, Hancock expressed that “The largest coverage I’m aware of is for a bank that…

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Cyber insurance demand is going to rise

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A new report has revealed that while there is large potential for this market, price is still a barrier. According to a report released by A.M. Best, the rating agency, there is tremendous growth potential in the cyber insurance market, but the evolving nature of the risk of digital attacks and the pricing strategies currently used are posing a sizeable underwriting challenge. Over the past handful of years, there has already been a massive increase in this market. The size of the cyber insurance market has grown by approximately 80…

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