Cyber insurance coverage critical as Homeland Secretary warns over ransomware

Cyber insurance coverage - cyber security

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said coping with ransomware will become a top priority. Cyber insurance coverage importance has never been clearer than it became when Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas warned that dealing with ransomware will become a top priority. This has only underscored the rising threat of cyberattacks and the data-scrambling malicious software. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that locks an individual, company, organization or government out of its files and networks until a payment is made. This type of attack has been rapidly…

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Cyber insurance is badly needed by energy companies

Cyber Insurance Coverage

Many believe that these utility companies are a “time bomb” for a digital attack. According to a recent publication by Willis, a reinsurance broker, energy companies do not have cyber insurance against any type of digital attack, but that the threat level has currently reached that of a “time bomb” that could end up costing the industry billions of dollars if the right cybercriminal does come along. The reinsurer used its annual review of the insurance market of the energy sector to underscore this vulnerability. Within the annual review, Willis…

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Cyber liability insurance interest spikes following major data breaches

Cyber Insurance industry popularity

Recent news headlines from large trusted companies such as Target and Kickstarter have caused serious worry. With a steady stream of data breaches at major corporations continually making recent news, the need for cyber liability insurance has become much clearer and companies are starting to take action by buying at a higher rate than they have done in the recent past. Businesses are starting to realize that nobody is really safe against a determined online criminal. Target recently revealed that hackers had broken into their files and had stolen the…

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Cyber insurance is Zurich’s new focus

cyber insurance

The massive insurer is hoping to increase the coverage it provides against data breaches and climate change. Zurich Insurance Group is now broadening its focus to be able to meet the growing corporate demand for coverage such as cyber insurance against data breaches as well as against the risks that are posed by climate change. This announcement was made by the general insurance chief at Zurich, this week. A growing number of businesses are seeking cyber insurance to cover themselves against the economic challenges – or catastrophe – that can…

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Argo Group unveils cyber liability insurance

Internet Privacy

Argo Pro has introduced this new product to address business exposures to digital attacks. Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd.’s Argo Pro has announced the availability of a new cyber liability insurance product, which has been created to help businesses to mitigate the risk associated with exposures from their dependency on information technology. The product is called information and Professional Risk Playbooksm (iPRP). Argo Pro has also announced that it has entered into a partnership with leading assessment of cyber risk and data breach services firm, NetDiligence, for its ability to…

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