2012 Critical Illness Buyer and Claimant Study results reveal latest data

Critical Illness Insurance trend

Recent research shows that the most common cause of claims are related to cancer. According to a study performed by the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance, in conjunction with General Re Life Corporation, more than half of all first-time claims filed through critical insurance policies by Americans are related to cancer. Furthermore, strokes and heart attacks made up 29 percent of the new claims last year. There are currently approximately one million people in the United States who have an active critical illness insurance policy, which functions as a…

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Disability insurance is among the most underestimated forms of protection

cancer insurance coverage MRI

This coverage, as well as critical illness insurance provide greater benefits than people realize. One of the most overlooked and misunderstood forms of coverage that is currently available in the industry is disability insurance. The topic of being too sick or injured to work is an uncomfortable one for many people, and is one that they would prefer to pretend will not happen than to take the time to create a preparedness plan. However, all too many people are finding themselves in a situation where they could have used this…

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The increasing cost of care for cancer patients

The National Cancer Act’s “war on cancer” went into effect forty years ago, and throughout that time, the battle has yet to be won for finding a cure. Though better treatments are becoming available, there is another problem growing for cancer patients, and that is that these treatments are not becoming any more affordable. The newest drugs can easily cost $100,000 or more for a year’s worth of treatment. Patients are being prescribed these drugs earlier on in their illness, and they are required to use them for longer periods…

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Reasons you might benefit from supplemental health insurance

It’s easy to believe that the coverage you receive through the health insurance benefits from your employer means that you have all the protection you need in case of injury or illness. However, all too many people who feel this way find themselves caught in a financial catastrophe if that illness or injury does occur. Before you start feeling too comfortable, it is recommended that you take a very good look at your policy and make sure that you fully understand what it covers. There are a number of reasons…

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American Association for Critical Illness Insurance seeks information regarding claims benefits for consumers

Insurance Agents

The American Association for Critical Illness Insurance has begun seeking feedback from insurance agents whose clients have received claims benefits in recent months. The trade association is looking to gather information on how these payments have been disbursed and whether consumers are satisfied with the service of their insurers. Critical illness insurance is a new type of coverage designed to provide care for those that suffer from afflictions such as cancer, heart disease and strokes.  As a new form of insurance, information regarding satisfactory practices is scarce, leading the association…

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Using wellness benefits to their best advantage in 2012

High Risk Health Insurance

Many forms of health coverage, offer benefits for “wellness” and “preventive care”, which can help you to better take advantage of what is available to you in order to achieve greater health. Among the benefits of preventive coverage is that there are no co-payments, deductibles, or co-insurance payments that must be made by the policyholder, as is the case when the condition is already diagnosed and treatment must be covered. This type of benefit is seen in insurance plans either because they are required by state or federal regulations, or…

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Cancer insurance provides one of the top financial safety nets in 2012

Cancer Insurance Quote

As cancer is one of the most common, degenerative, and costly medical conditions in the world today, Many more people are realizing that their standard health insurance alone isn’t providing the complete coverage that they would require to protect their financial wellbeing in the case of a diagnosis, and are turning to supplemental options to fill that gap and ensure the healthy future of both themselves and their assets. Though many cancers are highly treatable, and the survival rates of several forms are soaring even when compared to a decade…

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