Rental car insurance provided by credit cards

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Is your included coverage enough, or should you take out a separate policy? It is common for credit card companies to provide rental car insurance when they are advised in advance that the vehicle will be rented, and when that account is used to pay for renting it, but many people wonder if the coverage that is provided is enough, or if they would be better off purchasing an additional policy. Many people simply purchase an additional policy because they find their credit card coverage confusing. Data from the industry…

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Knowing how to avoid extra costs with car rentals

Though representatives at car rental companies have been trained to sell a maximum number of extra services, there are many additional features that you can refuse, as long as you know how to recognize those that are unnecessary. By being able to identify which extras are not required when you rent a car, you will be able to save a significant amount of money. This is especially true in terms of added insurance. If you have already obtained comprehensive or collision coverage through your own car insurance policy, then you…

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