Health insurance to be offered to Costco members by Aetna

Costco Aetna health insurance

The insurer has now unveiled a new program for individual coverage in California. Aetna has just announced the unveiling of a new health insurance program in California through which they will be offering individual plans to members of Costco. This program is geared toward meeting the needs of Costco members in an affordable way. The coverage is called the Costco Personal Health Insurance program. It includes five different types of plans, which are broad major medical benefits, a number of assistance services, a large provider and hospital network, dental options,…

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Life insurance to be available at Walmart locations

Walmart health Insurance

The largest retailer in the world is working with New York based insurer MetLife to sell the products. Walmart has just announced the beginning of a pilot program that it has undertaken with MetLife, in order to sell prepaid life insurance policies to shoppers at 200 of the retailer’s locations in South Carolina and Georgia. Customers in the stores will be able to purchase the coverage as they would any other item in the store. According to the MetLife senior vice president of consumer direct business, Manish Bhatt, “We believe…

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Aetna provides individual health insurance policies to Illinois Costco members

Health insurance sold at costco

Aetna has announced a new individual health insurance plan for members of Costco in Illinois. Aetna has just unveiled its latest individual health insurance product which is now being offered to residents of Illinois with a Costco membership. The product is called the Costco Personal Health Insurance program, and it offers five different types of policies from which its members can choose. These offer a wide doctor and hospital network, a range of different major medical benefits, as well as a spectrum of useful services, information, and tools that are…

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