Natural disaster damage is causing the insurance industry to struggle

Natural Disaster damage insurance trends

Insurers are facing growing challenges with the cost of environmental catastrophes from fire to flooding. A new statement from the Insurance Bureau of Canada has underscored the challenges caused by natural disaster damage to insurers. The insurance companies in Canada are struggling with a rising number of environmental catastrophes. The statement pointed out that the most at-risk property owners will likely find themselves paying more for coverage. This situation is hardly one that is exclusive to the country as insurance companies worldwide face costly challenges. The Insurance Bureau of Canada’s…

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The cost of natural disaster insurance hasn’t been this low in 6 years

Austrailia Has Seen it's Share of Natural Disaster insurance

Global insurers saw the lowest expenses associated with those catastrophes they’ve seen since 2009. According to the largest reinsurance company on the planet, last year’s costs for natural disaster insurance claims – that is, the expenses from catastrophes such as earthquakes and massive storms – were lower than they have been since 2009. The reinsurer released a report that looked back over the last year and showed it was less costly than the last six. The reinsurer in question was Munich Re, which released its analysis of natural disaster insurance…

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Natural disasters and insurance

Insurance industry outlook

Disasters have an impact on the insurance industry Natural disasters do not only affect a certain type of person; they also have an impact on the insurance industry. It can be difficult for people to see the impact that catastrophic events have on insurers due to a general disdain for the industry as a whole. The most common response an insurer has to natural disasters, however, in the long run it does raise rates. This is something that typically attracts a great deal of attention from policyholders of all kinds. Many…

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Climate change becoming a major focus for the global insurance industry, according to Munich Re

Last year has garnered major notoriety for the number and severity of natural disasters it played host to. 2011 has become widely recognized in the insurance industry as the costliest year in recent history in regards to natural disasters. While estimates varying regarding the total cost of disasters, Munich Re, a reinsurance and risk modeling organization, claims that 2011 generated more than $380 billion in worldwide insured losses, only a third of which was paid by insurance companies. The disasters have caused the global insurance industry to raise prices, but…

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2011 breaks record for most federal disaster declarations in nation’s history

This year has broken the record for federal disaster declarations according to the Insurance Information Institute, and the year is not over yet. While 2010 may have set a new record for the number of declared disasters in the nation’s history, 2011 has shattered that record in both number and cost. With three months left in the already infamous 2011, analysts are concerned that more natural disasters could be on the way as a final farewell to the year. With two consecutive years of costly catastrophes, many wonder what is…

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