Health insurance trends show many covered Americans still aren’t seeking care

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Millions of people are skipping medical care despite the fact that they have a policy. A survey commissioned by the American College of Emergency Physicians provided notable insight into health insurance trends. Unfortunately, it has revealed that many people who have a health plan are skipping medical care. They are showing increasing discontent with the expense and quality of their health plans. Almost a third of survey participants felt their health insurance coverage had declined over the past year. Only 15 percent of the participants in the health insurance trends…

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One quarter of Americans with a health insurance plan found care too expensive

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Despite the fact that they had coverage medical care was still cost prohibitive for one in four adults. The results of a study conducted by a consumer health group called Families USA have now been released and are showing that despite the fact that they had purchase the coverage of an insurance plan was present, over one in four adult Americans still made choices not to seek medical care because they felt that they could not afford it. This indicates that even though health insurance coverage may be growing, care…

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Study shows health insurance rates are rising at slow pace

Health Insurance rate increases

Blue Cross Blue Shield report highlights state of health insurance rates in Michigan Michigan’s Blue Cross Blue Shield has released a new study concerning the pace at which health insurance rates are rising in the state. In Michigan, and many other states in the U.S., health insurance rates are on the rise. Some claim that this is due to the federal health care law that has caused a somewhat dramatic shift in regulations. Many insurers claim that rates are only rising to account for the cost of medical care. Whatever…

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John Hancock Financial raises rates on long-term care, sees backlash from consumers

John Hancock Financial, one of Colorado’s largest insurance companies, recently raised rates for long-term care coverage significantly. Some consumers saw increases as high as 90%, while other saw increases of half that number. The rate hikes have sparked the ire of consumers who say that these new rates are excessive. The state’s Department of Insurance is not being inundated with complaints concerning the matter, though regulators claim that the rates are somewhat justified. Long-term care insurance provides coverage for those that must take advantage of nursing homes or various types…

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Report shows that West Virginia’s health insurance costs are rising dramatically

The Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation working to improve the health care system, has released a new report concerning the state of health insurance premiums in West Virginia. According to the report, premiums in the state have risen by 55% in the last decade, with deductibles jumping by 84% in the same amount of time. The report suggests that the state has the 14th highest premiums in the nation. This puts major financial stress on state residents as West Virginia is home to the lowest median income in the U.S.…

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Study shows employer-sponsored health insurance is becoming more costly, maybe due to federal insurance mandate

A new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit health care organization, has uncovered a startling trend concerning the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance. The study shows that the cost of health insurance for employers has been rising at a rapid pace this year, which runs contrary to reports citing moderate increases to insurance rates. Exactly why rates are currently soaring to new heights is unknown, but researchers from the foundation speculate that it may be due to the federal insurance mandate which requires all people to have health…

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North Carolina Republican panel supports health care reform challenge

The assembly voted to include the state into a nationwide lawsuit aimed against mandatory health insurance. This feature of the new health care reform, set to take place in 2014, requires Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a fee. The House vote was 23 to 16 in the latest provision aimed to block imposed health insurance by the Republican Party. “This is designed to protect the vast majority of our citizens from what we believe is an unjustified incursion of government power,” said House Majority Leader Paul Stam, R-Wake, who sponsored…

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