Long term care insurance will still be more expensive for some women

Long Term Care insurance

Though federal laws don’t allow gender biased premiums calculations, basic daily tasks can still be expensive. Although the federal law that will go into effect next year has stated that gender cannot be factored in to premiums calculations for health coverage, that regulation doesn’t take into account the basic daily life tasks that are covered by long term care insurance. The Affordable Care Act will prohibit insurers from charging women more than men for the same policy. Unfortunately, this law does not cover long term care insurance. This means that…

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Long term care insurance hikes on the way for thousands

Long Term Care Insurance

Many consumers may soon discover that they will be paying more for their coverage. Thousands of consumers are beginning to discover that there are considerable increases to long term care insurance rates that are being implemented at the moment and that are scheduled for the near future. Many are afraid that this may make the coverage cost prohibitive and are afraid they may have to cancel. The long term care insurance industry has already been facing challenges in terms of its costs and in keeping its policyholders. Now, even many…

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The costliest states for long term care services

Long Term Care insurance Costs

Genworth Financial has released a study regarding the most expensive places for assistance. A study by Genworth Financial Inc. has identified the states in which long term care insurance is most important due to the highest costs of services for the sick and the elderly. It found that Massachusetts has the highest price tags in the country for these services. Residents of the Bay State face the greatest expense for services designed for caring for the elderly and the unwell. At the same time, according to the study, the people…

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Connecticut long term care premiums increase due to rising costs

Many Connecticut insurance policy holders for long-term care have experienced a notable increase in their rates, marking the beginning of a trend that is likely to persist as a result of rising costs. Premiums spiked by double-digits for many among these policy holders, leaving them to wonder how much more they will need to pay in future months. Connecticut is not alone in these increases, as several other states have just filed rate actions, as well. These rate increases are being justified by rising costs and the need to compensate…

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