The 2021 average annual cost of health insurance for Americans will fall by 1.59 percent

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According to a recent study, the average yearly premiums to be paid across the US will be $5,952. As Americans look to their 2021 coverage options, a recent ValuePenguin study shows that the average annual cost of health insurance will be falling. The amount individual households will pay will vary from one state and one home to the next. The study showed that Americans, on average across the country, will be paying nearly $500 per month for their plans. The annual cost of health insurance as a national average was…

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The Impact of Wellness Programs on Health Care Costs

Workplace Wellness Programs Benefits

It’s no secret: health care costs are on the rise. According to the Commonwealth Fund, we can fault most of the costs associated with providing medical care for the rise in health insurance costs. To combat this growth, the Federal government, via the Affordable Care Act (ACA), has dedicated resources to increase the preventive and routine care to keep patients out of the hospital.  But will these incentives actually work?  Will wellness programs positively impact overall healthcare costs?  Or will the costs of healthcare be shifted onto the employers and…

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Healthcare reforms could benefit from dropped employer coverage

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The quality and cost of medical services could improve without their participation. Although the 2010 Affordable Care Act from President Obama promises workers that if they enjoy their health insurance coverage from their employers, they will be able to keep it under the healthcare reforms, there are some in the industry that are now wondering if the system would be more effective and less expensive if employers dropped the coverage that they provide. The intention of the law is actually to expand the coverage from employers across the country. However,…

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