Study shows competition is not leading to lower health insurance premiums

Michigan health insurance

New study suggests that competition is not having a beneficial impact on insurance rates The Economic Alliance for Michigan has released a new study concerning the size of the health insurance market and the effect that competition has had on insurance premiums. Typically, more competition in the health insurance markets leads to lower premiums, as insurers fight with one another for the support of consumers. The study, however, suggests that high competition between insurers does not always lead to lower premiums for individuals and businesses. Prominent insurers are not able…

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Health insurance costs for 2015 won’t be revealed until after the election

health insurance coverage

There could be double digit increases in premiums in certain states where key Senate races are occurring. Consumers across the United States who intend to buy their health insurance on the federal exchange won’t need to wait much longer to find out what their premiums will be, but they will still need to wait until after the election on November 4 for their first glimpse at the official figures. That said, this won’t delay their ability to shop and make their purchases as open enrollment starts on November 15. This…

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Health insurance may be more expensive than penalties from the federal government

health Insurance company jobs

Some may be more willing to pay federal penalties than purchase insurance coverage Health insurance may be more costly for consumers in the U.S. than federal tax penalties associated with the country’s health care reform. According to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, those without insurance coverage face a fine. This fine is based on a person’s income, but is also set at a flat rate of $99. The fine is issued every year and is due when taxes are being filed to the federal government. Researchers find that…

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Health care reforms too expensive for California State students

College Students Health Insurance

Uninsured students are claiming that they’d like to purchase the coverage but it costs too much. According to the results of a poll that were recently released, students from California State University would like to be able to sign up for coverage under the health care reforms, but they believe that it is too expensive. The survey showed that this is the primary reason that students there have avoided enrollment so far. The research involved the responses of 836 students from the university, among whom at least 80 percent said…

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Health insurance coverage could increase ER visits

health insurance coverage emergency room ER visits

A study has suggested that those who are newly insured may start visiting emergency rooms more often. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist has indicated that previous predictions that the reduction in the cost of heading to the ER through a rise in health insurance coverage rates would cause the number of visits to increase, have not lost their relevance. Research has now indicated that the newly insured among the poor are more likely to head to the ER. The research was conducted in the Boston area and offered evidence…

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Less than 1% of consumers to pay more for health insurance after cancellations

retroactive health insurance

Health insurance cancellations may not actually be a costly problem Families USA, a health care advocacy group, has released a new study that focuses on the costs associated with the Affordable Care Act. Recently, the health care reform law has received harsh criticism due to insurance companies cancelling certain policies. According to the federal law, insurers must cancel health insurance policies that do not comply with the standards of the Affordable Care Act. Critics of this provision suggest that consumers are being forced to purchase new policies that are vastly…

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Insurance news study shows artists twice as unlikely to have health coverage

health insurance news

The research determined that the primary cause of the uninsured status is the cost of a plan. According to the results of a study that are making insurance news headlines after having been released by the Future of Music Coalition and the Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center, twice as many artists such as actors, musicians, dancers, and others are likely to be uninsured as the general population. These creative individuals are among the demographics least likely to have health plans. The research making this insurance news involved a survey of…

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Wisconsin health insurance estimates called into question

retroactive health insurance

Health insurance predictions questioned by advocacy groups The Wisconsin government has released information this week that provides an estimate for the rates associated with health insurance plans that will be sold through the state’s exchange system. This exchange will begin open enrollment on October 1, with policies sold through the exchange going active on January 1 of 2014. The exchange is meant to be a place where consumers can find affordable health insurance policies. The problem, however, is that some health care advocacy groups are calling into question whether the…

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Study finds that health insurance rates are growing at a slow pace

Health insurance rates

Kaiser study highlights growth of health insurance premiums The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a new study concerning the growth of health insurance rates in the U.S. The study shows that rates are, in fact, on the rise, but that these rates are growing more slowly than had been predicted by several insurance companies and the U.S. Congressional Budget Office. The organization suggests that, despite its controversial nature, the Affordable Care Act is not leading to any significant increase in health insurance rates. Conversely, the organization notes that the federal…

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Colorado releases estimates concerning cost of health insurance through exchange

Colorado Health Insurance

Health insurance estimates released by Colorado officials The cost of health insurance has been a major issue since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in the U.S. The federal law has called for the establishment of exchange programs in every state, which are meant to serve as marketplaces where consumers can find affordable coverage. Exactly how affordable this coverage will actually be has been a topic of debate for the past two years. In Colorado, this debate may be coming to an end as state officials release their estimates…

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