Cosmetic surgery insurance claims way down as millions of procedures postponed

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Elective procedures have been delayed by weeks, months, or longer due to the pandemic. Cosmetic surgery insurance claims have ground to a virtual halt as elective surgeries face massive postponement waits due to the pandemic crisis. Hospitals are battling with months of backlog for surgeries to meet medical requirements. Around the world, hospitals and clinics have had to cut back on the number of routine procedures they are able to perform in order to maintain patient and staff safety, said a report in the Economist. This measure was also taken…

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Health insurance specific to enhanced breasts offered in the UK

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Plastic surgeons are now offering coverage against complications to this type of procedure. The British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has just announced that it will begin offering a unique type of health insurance specifically for patients who receive plastic surgery treatments through accredited surgeons. There has not been any cosmetic surgery coverage available to patients until this time. In the United Kingdom, there has not been any type of health insurance coverage for individuals who have undergone plastic surgery and who have experienced complications as a result of those…

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