Satisfaction with auto insurance has never been higher in the US

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New study highlights consumer satisfaction in the auto insurance sector Global market research firm J.D. Power has released its latest U.S. Auto Insurance Study. The study highlights many of the trends that have emerged in the country’s auto insurance sector and examines how these trends are affecting the insurance business. This year, the study showed that consumer satisfaction has reached an all-time high, despite the fact that insurance premiums have been on the rise for the past five years. Satisfaction reaches 810 points, highest since annual study was first published…

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Gallup poll tracks consumer health insurance satisfaction in the US

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Gallup poll shows consumers are highly satisfied with cost of health insurance Gallup, one of the world’s leading market research firms, has released the results of its latest Health and Healthcare Poll, which was conducted between November 15 and 18 of this year. The poll seeks information concerning the satisfaction that U.S. consumers have with their health insurance providers and has a strong emphasis on cost. The level of satisfaction of most consumers is often determined by how much they pay for health insurance, with the quality of the benefits…

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J.D. Power and Associates study shows insurance consumer satisfaction is high after storms of 2011

A new report from J.D. Power and Associates, a global marketing information firm, shows that many consumers have been left happy in the wake of the veritable onslaught of natural disasters in 2011. The firm surveyed 4,200 homeowners insurance customers who had filed claims after these disasters. More than 80% of these consumers responded that they were satisfied with the service they were given and would likely renew their policies with their insurance provider. This comes as something of a surprise for the insurance industry as 2011 was the most…

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Study shows that simplicity is a major factor for consumer satisfaction with the insurance industry

Simplicity is a major issue in the insurance issue. Many consumers have complained over the confusing nature of policies that are filled with language that even lawyers have trouble deciphering. As a result, many consumers end up skimming through policies and then ending up surprised to learn that the insurance they paid for does not cover the emergencies they need it for. A new survey from Siegel + Gale, a New York-based branding firm, shows that simplicity is an important issue for consumers in the same way that price is.…

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