Credit history may have a major impact on auto insurance premiums

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Survey shows that credit history is playing a major role in the cost of insurance coverage Consumer Reports has released the results of a recent survey run in the United Stated concerning auto insurance quotes. The survey shows that credit history plays a major role in how much insurance coverage will cost drivers. Credit history may, in fact, have a larger influence on premiums than a person’s driving record, according to the survey. Consumer Reports’ Margot Gilman suggests that this is the case in many states, where poor credit history…

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Flood insurance proves elusive among US homeowners

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Survey shows flood insurance is relatively unpopular A new survey from Consumer Reports highlights the lack of flood insurance coverage among many U.S. homeowners. Floods are one of the most common and financially disastrous catastrophes in the country, but many people opt not to cover their homes and other properties because of the concept that they are immune to such disasters. The survey found that one out of three homes damaged by floods during 2012’s Hurricane Sandy were not protected by flood insurance coverage of any kind. Conventional homeowners insurance…

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Homeowners insurance leaders identified by Consumer Reports

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The price of coverage is continuing to rise, while coverage grows ever smaller. According to Consumer Reports, the premiums for homeowners insurance are on the rise, showing no indication of stopping in the near future, but at the same time, the coverage being offered is maintaining its slow degradation. Many people are wondering how protected they will be if disaster actually strikes. The Consumer Reports data says that there is a notable discrepancy between the coverage that an insurer provides and what consumers are expecting from their homeowners insurance. However,…

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Insurance news from Consumer Reports identifies the top companies

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  Leading homeowners insurers identified by the massive organization. According to the latest insurance news from Consumer Reports, which was released as the cost of homeowners coverage is notably on the rise, there are some insurers that stand out above the rest. It did note that costs increases are most commonly the result of higher deductibles. Consumer reports has noted that these higher initial payments are making it harder for homeowners to be able to rely on their insurers when disaster strikes. Moreover, this report also pointed out that many…

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Trash and mini-meds insurance plans continue to exist until healthcare reform becomes effective

According to the latest edition of Consumer Reports, to be released for March, so called “junk health plans”, also known as mini-meds insurance, continue to exist and will remain so until the full degree of the healthcare reform goes into effect. The March issue said that these plans are “legal but inadequate” and said that these and other forms of misleading product, such as medical discount cards and fixed benefit indemnity plans, are still widely in existence. The reason that these plans continue to be in operation is that wavers…

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