US regulator task force to target cyber insurance

cybersecurity insurance

Cyber insurance will be the focus of a new task force launched by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has created a new task force that will be focused on cyber security. The task force is meant to increase consumer protection, introducing new regulations that target the insurance industry. Insurers collect valuable information from their customers, but new risks are emerging in the digital world that put this information in danger of theft and exploitation. The new task force could help foster further innovation…

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High-profile attack highlights importance of cyber insurance

identity theft cyber insurance

Community Health Systems files comment with federal government concerning recent data breach Tennessee’s Community Health Systems, an operator of acute care hospitals, has filed a statement with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission concerning a recent data breach that compromised patient medical files. The organization’s hospitals store patient information digitally in order to ensure that this information can be accessed more easily. Digitizing these records can be a risky practice because of the complex and unpredictable nature of cyber attacks. 4.5 million people may have been affected by the cyber…

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