Health insurance expenses bring stress to uninsured American adults

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A new report shows uninsured people are hesitant to purchase a policy due to anticipated rising costs. Approximately 71 percent of uninsured American adults who were aware of the open enrollment period chose not to purchase a plan due to expected increasing health insurance expenses. They risk failure to comply with the Affordable Care Act to sidestep rising costs. This represents a potential shift in the level of confidence that the ACA will stay in effect. The research was conducted by the Commonwealth Fund. The results were published in a…

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Health insurance exchange enrollment is nowhere near predictions

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In fact, current statistics show that participation is less than half of what it was expected to be by now. Health insurance exchange enrollment is currently less than half of initial predictions. The lack of participation in the health care law as predicted has caused these marketplaces to undergo a considerable shift. Several major insurers have stopped selling their health plans due to the expense associated with them. Recent Kaiser Family Foundation forecasts indicate that consumers will have far less choice next year. Health reform analyst from the Kaiser Family…

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Study shows 31 million people are not using their health insurance

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Commonwealth Fund study highlights the complications of medical costs and the health care system The Commonwealth Fund has released a new study called “The Problem of Underinsurance and How Rising Deductibles Will Make it Worse.” The study highlights the fact that many people with health insurance coverage are not actually using this coverage. There are many factors that contribute to these issues, but the high cost of medical care and high deductibles are proving to be a barrier to people using their insurance policies. High deductibles are a barrier for…

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US health insurance industry is doing well, according to report

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Report from Commonwealth Fund shows that the health insurance industry is faring well A new report from the Commonwealth Fund shows that the health insurance industry is doing quite well. There have been concerns that the insurance industry in the United States may suffer as a result of the Affordable Care Act. The legislation was signed into law in 2010 and some insurers had expressed worry over some of the provisions of the federal law. These concerns had to do with how the law would affect the way they do…

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Report highlights growing cost of employer-sponsored health insurance

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Workers are paying more for their coverage but are receiving fewer benefits The Commonwealth Fund has released a new report that highlights the growing costs of employer-sponsored health insurance in the United States. While the Affordable Care Act has not lead to a significant increase in insurance premiums for many people, it may not be providing much relief to workers. The report from the Commonwealth Fund suggests that insurance premiums for workers are slowly increasing, while the benefits they receive through this coverage are vanishing. Worker contributions are growing throughout…

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Employer-sponsored health insurance is becoming more expensive

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New report finds that workers in the US are paying more for their insurance coverage The Commonwealth Fund has released a new report that has found that the rate of growth in health insurance costs for employer-sponsored coverage has grown significantly since 2010. While the Affordable Care Act has helped mitigate the rate at which insurance premiums and costs have grown, it may not have provided significant financial benefit for individuals receiving coverage through their employers. As such, employer-sponsored insurance coverage is becoming more expensive for workers. Premiums are growing,…

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Health care reforms appears to be creating happy customers

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A new survey has shown that people who are newly covered by medical insurance seem pleased. According to the results of a Commonwealth Fund survey, the expansion of insurance coverage as a result of the health care reform are starting to produce some rather pleased and satisfied customers. They survey also determined that there are a notably larger number of people with coverage in the country. The research group’s survey showed that among adults who are younger than the age of 65 years, an estimated 15 percent are currently uninsured.…

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Report shows health insurance premiums were growing before Affordable Care Act took hold

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Health care reform may not be the sole cause of rate increases The Commonwealth Fund has released a report that shows that health insurance premiums throughout the U.S. were on the rise well before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The federal health care reform law has been the subject of extreme criticism for the past few years, with those opposing the law claiming that it is the cause of significant rate increases in insurance coverage. This may not be accurate, however, as insurance policies were already becoming more…

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Affordable Care Act may not be the cause of rising health insurance costs

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Research discovers that federal law may not be causing premium spikes It has become common for the Affordable Care Act to be blamed for rising health insurance costs in the U.S., but the federal law may not actually be the problem. According to a new analysis from the Commonwealth Fund, an organization that conducts independent research on health policy, the Affordable Care Act actually has a relatively modest impact on insurance costs. The organization has analyzed the reasons that insurance companies provide to regulators when they are seeking rate increases…

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Health insurance exchange awareness low among young adults

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Survey shows that young adults lack awareness when it comes to health insurance The Commonwealth Fund, a private organization that promotes higher standards in health care and insurance, has released a new survey concerning health insurance awareness among young adults in the U.S. The Affordable Care Act is often highlighted as a major issue for young people throughout the country, many of whom do not currently have health insurance or receive coverage through their parents. With health insurance exchanges taking form in every state, young consumers may be at risk…

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