How To Find The Right Commercial Insurance In The New Normal

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Running a business has many risks; you may encounter a fire, have your goods stolen, or suffer water damage. And in the occurrence of these events, there’s a high likelihood of business closure until you get things back on track. Business closure is disadvantageous since you might lose clients to your competitors, reducing your income.   Insurance companies work to quicken the recovery process by providing you with financial assistance under compensation. With that, you’ll be back in business within no time, and with the money, you’ll recover all that’s damaged.…

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Worldwide commercial insurance rates rise 19 percent in Q2 2020

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic crisis and other sizeable losses played a role, says Marsh research. Worldwide average commercial insurance rates rose by 19 percent during this year’s second quarter, says the Global Insurance Market Index issued by Marsh. The broker and risk adviser recorded the largest premiums hike since the index began in 2012. The commercial insurance rates increase follows other substantial year over year average increases. In Q1 2020, there was a 14 percent rise, and in Q4 2019, there was an 11 percent rise. As was the case…

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Price of commercial insurance remains level for another month

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For the fourth straight month, the prices have kept themselves relatively static, said a new report. According to a recent report that was issued for June by MarketScout, the commercial insurance rates haven’t moved very much at all over the last four months, with only one exception. In June, the business interruption line of insurance did see its rates slide downward when compared to May. That said, the decrease that the commercial insurance rates saw in the business interruption line was only by an average of one percent, so it…

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Commercial insurance rates on the rise in the US

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MarketScout data shows growth of commercial insurance rates Commercial insurance rates continue to rise in the U.S., according to data from MarketScout, an insurance quotes firm. Rates have risen for four consecutive months throughout the country for various reasons, including the impact of natural disasters, fraud, and general issues involving theft and regulatory changes. Commercial insurance rates are expected to continue growing in the foreseeable future, especially where vehicle and property coverage is involved. Exactly how quickly rates will grow is not certain. Rates grow by 5% in June of…

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Property and casualty insurance rates increased by 5 percent last month

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According to MarketScout data, the prices rose in April for policyholders of commercial products. According to a report from MarketScout, the rates for commercial property and casualty insurance rose by an average of 5 percent in April 2013, when compared to the rates that were being charged a year before. It was workers compensation and commercial property that saw the largest increases over a year. The commercial property and casualty insurance and workers compensation saw a combined average rate increase of 6 percent. Surety and employment liability coverage each increased…

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