Colorado mental health insurance bill to help consumers navigate the system

Colorado Mental Health Insurance - Stressed Adult

A new measure introduced this week may make it simpler for state residents to receive mental health care. A new Colorado mental health insurance bill introduced this week could make it easier for state residents to receive the care they need. The idea is to form a state ombudsperson’s office. The goal of the office is to assist Colorado residence in navigating the insurance system for mental health care. Many people struggle to understand their rights and to whom they should direct their questions. Individuals find the current Colorado mental…

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Colorado insurance commissioner points finger at Trump administration for massive rate hikes

denver colorado health insurance

Marguerite Salazar says that uncertainty generated by the president led to the 27 percent rate hike requests. Colorado Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar’s department received requests for 27 percent rate hikes in the individual market and 7.3 percent for small group. The commissioner is not happy and blames the Trump administration for the uncertainty they’ve created within the market. Salazar said the games played by the Trump administration have caused the health insurance market to become unstable. The result of these actions, said the Colorado insurance commissioner, was huge 2018 rate…

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Allstate uses insurance drones to assess storm damage

insurance company drones aerial

The insurer is using the technology to get a better idea of the property damage situation from spring storms. Allstate is using insurance drones to conduct an assessment of the property damage left behind by spring storms in four states. The company already owns the technology in a number of locations and was prepared to implement it when it was needed. In preparation to use the drones, Allstate Insurance readied itself with a solid fleet of the technology. The Allstate fleet of insurance drones are either ready or already being…

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Colorado auto insurance study shows drivers in the state aren’t good

state farm auto insurance losses accident

Motorists in the state are prone to a spectrum of bad habits that make the roads more dangerous. Colorado auto insurance isn’t cheap and for years, people have said the drivers in the state are simply awful. That said, those types of complaints are commonplace in many states. However a recent study has shown that the claims about driving in Colorado may not be wrong. The traffic jams, winter blizzards and potholes in the spring aren’t the only challenge to drivers in Colorado. A new study by QuoteWizard has shown…

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Colorado health insurance co-op closes its doors

Colorado Health Insurance

State’s co-op has failed to challenge and order to cease operations Colorado’s largest not-for-profit health insurance provider closed its doors earlier this week. Colorado HealthOP, the state’s co-op set up under the Affordable Care Act, did attempt to save itself from the state’s decision to shut it down, but was ultimately unsuccessful in the attempt. The Colorado Division of Insurance has ordered the co-op to stop writing new policies, citing serious financial issues that the insurer has been facing. The state’s co-op is one of several that will be shutting…

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Colorado could revolutionize its health insurance system with a single-payer initiative

health insurance disclosure tax penalty

State residents will have a chance to change how they get their insurance coverage Colorado residents will soon have a chance to determine how their health care in managed. Colorado’s Initiative 20, also referred to as ColoradoCare, aims to make major changes to how consumers receive their health insurance coverage, and it could have significant implications for the state’s insurance exchange. The initiative aims to establish a single-payer system, which involves the government, rather than private insurers, covering the cost of health care. While many have supported such a system,…

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Fee increase for Colorado health insurance exchange has been approved

health insurance exchange

State’s exchange has increased its fees as a way to generate more revenue Colorado’s health insurance exchange has raised its fees. The exchange’s board of directors had been considering raising fees in order to make the exchange more sustainable and financially secure. The fees will be paid by all those that are purchasing insurance coverage through the exchange and those that already have policies from the exchange as well. The fee increase may be somewhat modest for most consumers, but could translate into much higher revenue for the exchange itself.…

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Health insurance exchange in Colorado is after a Medicaid reimbursement

Medicaid News health insurance exchange

The financial survival of the state’s marketplace depends on being able to recover millions of dollars. The Colorado health insurance exchange is scrambling to be able to recover millions of dollars that were racked up in the expansion of the state’s Medicaid program in order to make sure that the marketplace will be able to remain financially viable. That said, the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace was not designed for the collection or counting of reimbursements. According to the new interim CEO of Connect for Health Colorado, Kevin Patterson, “We…

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Colorado continues to improve its health insurance exchange

Colorado Health Insurance

State is working to address the issues with the enrollment system of its health insurance exchange Colorado has been working to fix its health insurance exchange, with efforts to do so going well, according to exchange officials. The exchange’s online enrollment system has struggled to serve consumers in the state for some time, making it difficult for people to sign up for the insurance coverage they are interested in. Fixes to the exchange could be delayed, however, as the exchange’s  technology chief, Proteus Duxbury, recently departed for another position. Adele…

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Colorado health insurance exchange will receive more oversight

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Committee will place the state’s insurance exchange under greater scrutiny Colorado’s health insurance exchange, called Connect for Health Colorado, may receive more oversight from its regulatory committee. The state Senate has passed legislation that will change the oversight committee’s name and will expand its ability to review the state’s insurance exchange during the legislative sessions. The committee’s new name will be the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange Oversight Committee, and the group will be able to meet as many times as it wants during the legislative session. There is a need…

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