Public insurance adjusters in Colorado face new regulations

Public Insurance Adjusters Colorado

State lawmakers devise new regulations for public insurance adjusters Public insurance adjusters in Colorado are likely to face tougher regulations in the coming year. State lawmakers are currently debating a new bill that will institute strict regulations concerning the operations of public insurance adjusters throughout the state. The bill would provide the state’s Division of Insurance. with the authority to suspend or otherwise revoke the license of a public insurance adjuster, power that the state agency currently lacks, while also tasking the agency with the enforcement of several new regulations.…

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High-risk health insurance pool in Colorado asks federal government for almost $15 million more in funding

After experiencing claims that have now totaled twice the average for the country, the struggling high-risk health insurance pool in Colorado has now asked the federal government for additional funding of almost $15 million more than originally anticipated. Colorado has already received $90 from a total pool of $5 billion in federal money for assistance in carrying out an element of the country’s healthcare reform which involved insuring high-risk uninsurable individuals. The funds were meant to hold out until the insurance regulations are fully in place in 2014, at which…

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