Colorado insurance commissioner points finger at Trump administration for massive rate hikes

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Marguerite Salazar says that uncertainty generated by the president led to the 27 percent rate hike requests. Colorado Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar’s department received requests for 27 percent rate hikes in the individual market and 7.3 percent for small group. The commissioner is not happy and blames the Trump administration for the uncertainty they’ve created within the market. Salazar said the games played by the Trump administration have caused the health insurance market to become unstable. The result of these actions, said the Colorado insurance commissioner, was huge 2018 rate…

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Insurance rates in Colorado receive approval for increase

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Regulators have now given their permission to increase premiums by 1 percent. Colorado state regulators have now given their approval to raise the insurance rates for over 1,000 different health plans that are being offered by more than 20 different carriers, for 2015. Though not all of those plans will see increased rates, the average will be a very slight premiums rise. When compared to the previous year, the insurance rates will be increasing by an average of 1.18 percent, next year. The areas that typically face the highest health…

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Homeowners insurance on its way up for Colorado residents

Colorado homeowners insurance industry wildfires

After many had been told that the fires wouldn’t have much impact on rates, increases are still here. Many long time residents of Colorado are now facing the largest homeowners insurance premiums increase they’ve ever seen, as the impact of years of catastrophes, barely including the wildfires, on their rates is now being revealed. Unfortunately, this is only the start of what is likely to be a larger wave of increases. Though the very first of the homeowners insurance customers to see the increases have already done so on their…

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