Types of Car Insurance Coverage in the U.S.

Car insurance plans, unlike health insurance, consist of various categories of coverage, each of which has a unique set of fees and benefits. Because drivers can typically choose different coverage amounts for various elements, it’s crucial to understand which types of insurance are appropriate for you. Types of Insurance Coverage 101 Before diving in and selecting an insurance coverage plan, you have to ask yourself some questions: How can you know which option to go for? Is it a legal requirement in your state to have coverage? Is there a…

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Auto insurance now offered to cover GM loaners for ignition switch recall

GM Auto Insurance Dilemma

Some drivers won’t have their repaired vehicles until as late as October, but won’t be underinsured. Recently, GM announced that it would be providing drivers with loaner cars when their vehicles are affected by the recall involving faulty ignition switches, and now they have announced that they will also be providing those drivers with auto insurance, as well. This is an important announcement as there are 1.6 million vehicles being recalled, with 1.37 million in the U.S. The primary struggle that has lead to this need for auto insurance coverage…

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Auto insurance basics remain a mystery to 68 percent of drivers

Auto Insurance survey

Nearly one third of all motorists could not correctly answer a multiple choice survey about their coverage. The results of a recent survey of American drivers have just been released and they have revealed that only 32 percent of motorists have an understanding of the basics of auto insurance. The questions that were asked involved the very basic details regarding vehicle coverage. The survey’s questions asked about the difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance, the purpose of gap coverage, and other details that are considered to be quite basic…

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5 Reasons to avoid Cheap Auto Insurance

High-deductible health insurance enrollees are on the increase

The only reason to get cheap auto insurance is so that you can save money in the long run. But like anything that you buy in life, you get what you pay for. You naturally want to get the best price and service for your money, but what is not a well known fact is all the factors that can actually make choosing a cheaper alternative that can be much more costly for you in the future. Reason 1: What are you covered for? Your eyes have probably lit up…

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Insurance Information Institute suggests steps to take the fear out of Halloween

The Insurance Information Institute has released a number of safety suggestions that can work along with adequate and up-to-date auto and homeowners insurance coverage in order to make Halloween a little less scary. Those steps include the following: • Vandalism to home or vehicle – standard renters and homeowners insurance policies offer vandalism insurance, typically with a deductible. Your auto insurance optional comprehensive element is where the vandalism coverage is contained. • Fire – standard renters and homeowners insurance policies cover damages from fires resulting from electrically powered decorations or…

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