College Insurance Programs Protect Students & Families from the Risks of College Life

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GradGuard™ search tool makes it easy for college parents to protect their students and investment from the risks of college life. Phoenix, Arizona, May 14, 2019 – Millions of high school graduates have selected the college or university where they are confident they will successfully complete their degree.  Unfortunately, only slightly more than half of students who start college will successfully complete their degree. As a result, college students and their families are smart to be ask some essential questions regarding their investment in higher education and take steps to…

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An overview of health insurance for young adults

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An overview of federal law In the U.S., health insurance is undergoing major changes spurred by the Affordable Care Act. The federal law has introduced many new regulations designed to govern health care throughout the country and the law’s provisions will have a dramatic impact on the way health insurance works and how accessible it is, especially for young adults. While young people may be quite knowledgeable of certain things, especially if it has to do with pop culture, many people are confused about what the Affordable Care Act means…

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Health insurance options still available to young people before 2014

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The federal healthcare reforms have established a number of new requirements, which must be understood. The Affordable Care Act has changed a number of the regulations in terms of health insurance, and many of them apply to young adults, who could end up having to pay an increasingly large fine if they don’t obtain the appropriate coverage. Young adults are having to learn about their coverage requirements for the first time in their lives. This age group is dealing with a sudden health insurance requirement. They are finding that they…

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Health insurance for college students may see new regulations

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Lawmakers are thinking about removing the mandatory coverage in New Jersey. Officials from the colleges in New Jersey have been pushing to eliminate the health insurance law in the state that requires students to have coverage as the combination of this regulation and the new healthcare reforms are causing the cost of the plans offered by the schools to head skywards. Lawmakers are taking these requests into consideration, but there is a careful balance to consider. They currently face the question of priority between the affordability of health insurance coverage…

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Health care reforms have not eliminated the need for college medical plans

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The key is to know when and how to use these policies. Though the summer is just beginning, college students are already making preparations so that they will be ready when the school year begins again, and many are wondering how the health care reforms will impact their need for medical coverage through their schools. Some students are wondering if the Affordable Care Act means they don’t need college plans anymore. The truth is that these medical policies sold through the colleges are just as important as they have ever…

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