More time available to COBRA insurance applicants

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New rules give furloughed and laid-off workers considerably more time to decide on coverage. Americans who have been laid off or furloughed from their jobs now have more time to decide if they want to sign up for COBRA insurance. A recent federal rule is giving people more time to choose whether they want to keep their health insurance. COBRA insurance law usually grants people 60 days after having been furloughed or laid off to decide if they want to keep their employer-sponsored health plan. However, a new federal rule…

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Report finds that 50 million people are uninsured and unable to receive coverage through COBRA

A new report from the Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation working to improve the performance of the nation’s health system, has found that 50 million Americans are without health insurance of any kind. The lack of coverage is linked to the economic recession of 2008, in which many businesses had to make cuts to staffing in order to stay afloat. As unemployment rose, so too did the rate of those without insurance as many no longer had access to employer health benefits. According to the report, most of these people…

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