Health insurance reaches almost 1.3 billion in China

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At the same time, however, there are still many Chinese poor who are neglected by the healthcare system. China has been making considerable reforms to its health insurance system and has now reached the point that about 95 percent of its population – approximately 1.3 billion citizens – have coverage with some kind of plan. This, according to the latest figures that have been released by the Chinese government. This level of health insurance coverage throughout the population represents a considerable amount of progress. This most populous country on the…

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Insurance news from China shows funds facing strain

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The aging population in the country is starting to make medical coverage more expensive. The latest insurance news out of China has shown that the health coverage fund in Beijing is starting to experience considerable pressure as the population ages. People are living longer, which means that chronic diseases and medical care needs are growing. The older the population gets, the higher the frequency of chronic diseases. These are increasing the demand for medical services in the city, which means that Beijing’s insurance news is growing in its expenses. According…

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