Easy Insurance Prospecting Ideas

A Consistent Insurance Prospecting Plan Will Help Your Agency! Keeping your current insurance clients happy should be your number one goal as an insurance agent, but you also have to keep channels open at all times for new leads or prospects. Prospecting for clients is a complicated endeavor, but it is one that you must partake in. Insurance clients can be long term, but today many jump around to find better prices. Keep your current customers happy, but save time to build up interest and look for new ones as…

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Insurance news spotlights U.S. Supreme Court major review of lawsuits

lawsuit Usher’s insurance broker company

Class action cases are under the scrutiny of the top court in the country. The U.S. Supreme Court is making insurance news with its most recent agreement to take new class action lawsuit constraints into consideration, after having accepted the appeal from an Arkansas Travelers Cos. unit dispute regarding homeowners policy claims. The focus is on a plaintiff attorney tactic that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is calling abusive. The court is taking a closer look at the technique often used by the lawyers of the plaintiffs in class action…

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