Alabama Children’s Health Insurance Plan will Start Removing Kids on January 1

CHIP alamaba children's health insurance plan

Low income families across the state are facing a rough start to the year as 7,000 kids will lose their coverage. The Alabama Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) is beginning their first stages toward shutting down coverage for all kids it covers in the state. The first phase will involve cutting 7,000 children from low income families starting on January 1, 2018. State officials say CHIP is running out of funds following Congress’s failure to renew in time. The kids whose Alabama Children’s Health Insurance Plan, also known as All…

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Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program to receive $135 Million

CHIP Texas children's health insurance program

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is sending funds to the state to keep the program alive. The Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program was rapidly running out of funds as federal Congress has yet to renew CHIP’s funding. That said, the Texas Health and Services Commission wrote to Governor Greg Abbott to inform him that the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will be providing the state with $135 million to sustain the program until the end of February. In Texas, CHIP provides over 450,000 uninsured kids…

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Young consumers weigh the cost of health insurance and federal penalties

health insurance for young adults

Young adults are not convinced that insurance coverage is a viable financial option Young adults in the United States have faced a difficult decision during the latest open enrollment period. As open enrollment comes to an end, young and health consumers have had to decide whether or not to purchase health insurance coverage or face a federal fine and which of the two may end up being more expensive. Notably, the fine for those without insurance has gone up in 2016, which may have influenced many young people’s decision to…

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Health insurance enrollments remain low among young adults

health insurance marketing young woman

The Affordable Care Act needs younger and healthier consumers to sign up to offset costs from older policyholders. As much as the Affordable Care Act has seen a considerable growth in the number of uninsured people who have been signing up for health insurance through the exchange websites, there is one considerable area of struggle that it has been facing in terms of sign-ups: young adults. This problem isn’t a minor one, as the ACA had been relying on healthy people to offset the expenses of the sick. As young…

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Health insurance and medication is growing more expensive in the US

health insurance drug medical

Health care costs saw significant growth in 2014 Health care costs saw significant growth in 2014, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The federal agency has noted that health care expenditures are accelerating, with consumers and businesses spending a great deal of money on insurance coverage. As costs continue to grow, consumers are beginning to feel significant financial pressure. Finding a way to reduce health insurance costs is beginning to become a priority for the country, but an effective solution has yet to be found. Centers for…

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Health insurance companies in Arkansas owe $7.1 million in rebates

Health insurance plan

Insurers are finding it difficult to comply with a provision of the Affordable Care Act Arkansas businesses and consumers are owed a great deal of money from the state’s health insurance companies. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, these companies collected too much in premiums last year and are now required by federal law to reimburse consumers and businesses. Per the Affordable Care Act, insurers are required to spend no less than 80% of the money they collect from premiums on medical care, something that some insurers…

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Moda to exit Washington health insurance market

seattle washington health insurance rates industry

Moda Health will leave the Washington insurance market, including the state’s exchange Moda Health, a prominent health insurance provider, has announced that it will be leaving Washington’s insurance exchange. The insurer provides coverage to some 47,000 consumers through the state’s exchange and many of these people may have to find coverage elsewhere in 2016. Enrollment for the state’s exchange begins in November, but consumers will no longer be able to find plans from Moda, as the insurers is focusing on other markets following some shortfalls in Washington and other states…

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Montana is working to expand its health insurance program

montana Health insurance

Montana opens public comment period for Medicaid expansion Federal officials are taking public comment in Montana concerning the expansion of Medicaid coverage. The state is currently working on expanding Medicaid coverage to some 70,000 low-income residents. The comment period is set to run through October 15, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Expanding the state’s health insurance program has been a hard battle, as state lawmakers have resisted expanding the program due such an action’s association with the Affordable Care Act. State has already outlined plans to…

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Special enrollment period open for those without health insurance coverage

health insurance enrollment

Those without insurance could find coverage through federal exchanges through new enrollment period A special enrollment period will be open for those without health insurance coverage in the United States. The enrollment period is meant for those that have recently discovered that they will be subject to financial penalties for being uninsured. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services cited a recent survey that found as many as 40% of uninsured people were unaware of federal penalties for lacking coverage. The special enrollment period could help solve this problem. Special…

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Health insurance exchanges are performing well throughout the country

Health Insurance exchange

HHS information shows that 1.9 million new customers have been enrolled in federal exchanges The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced that this year’s open enrollment period is off to a good start. The federal agency, which is responsible for the deployment of the Affordable Care Act alongside the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has released information concerning enrollment throughout the country. As of December 19, 1.9 million new customers have enrolled for coverage in exchanges in 37 states. Another 4.5 million people have renewed…

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