Kanye West insurance payout could reach $30 million

hospital doctor kanye west insurance

The performer cancelled the rest of his tour as a result of reported mental health problems. Media reports suggest that the Kanye West insurance payout could be as high as $30 million following his tour cancellation. The hip hop celebrity announced the cancellation of the remainder of his tour as a result of health struggles. He was hospitalized last week following an incident while he was at his trainer’s house. Reports indicated that the police had been initially called for a domestic disturbance, later deemed a medical emergency. The star…

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Kim Kardashian robbery has now led to an insurance claim for stolen jewelry

kim kardashian robbery jewelry insurance claim

The celebrity who was the victim of a terrifying robbery has now submitted a claim for what was lost in the theft. The Kim Kardashian robbery that filled the headlines last week has now led to a sizeable insurance claim. When the celebrity was tied up and robbed at gunpoint, the criminals reportedly took 13 items from her possession. The reality television star has now filed an insurance claim suggesting the pieces were worth less than initially suggested. The insurance claim from the Kim Kardashian robbery indicates that the 13…

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Break-up insurance for “Hiddleswift” cancelled

break-up insurance - Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Hiddleswift

Taobao had been selling policies against a split between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. The massive Chinese marketplace, Taobao, was selling break-up insurance against a split in the relationship between Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift. However, those sales have now been shut down. Alibaba, the company that owns Taobao, put a stop to the sale of the celebrity insurance policies. Taobao sold the break-up insurance policies just in case the Hiddleswift relationship isn’t forever. The coverage promised double the purchase price in payment if the celebrity couple were ever to…

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Insurance companies may require Harrison Ford to stay on the ground

Harrison ford insurance companies

This could be the result of last week’s crash when the actor fell from the sky in his vintage airplane. The entertainment industry insurance companies may require Harrison Ford to remain grounded following the crash that the actor experienced when he experienced engine trouble in his vintage airplane, last week, and sent it into a crash landing on a golf course in Venice, California. Ford is still recovering from moderately serious injuries that he experienced from the crash landing. He was immediately hospitalized after the crash. At the time that…

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Insurance news from AIG could protect companies from celebrity antics

AIG Insurance company CEO - Building in Manhattan

The insurer has now released a type of coverage meant to protect stars against liabilities from endorsement deals. AIG has announced some of its latest insurance news, which has come in the form of a policy that has been designed to help to protect companies from the losses from a harmed reputation as a result of a celebrity endorser that has taken a wrong turn and has done something that could bring embarrassment, shame, or other damage to the company’s standing. The policies have limits that will protect companies for…

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Insurance industry now equipped to deal with celebrities

AIG Insurance Industry Marketing

Celebrity behavior could cause endorsement deals to collapse, but the insurance industry is prepared Celebrities can be a costly investment. The behavior of celebrities is often headline-worthy news, as these people can often be very eccentric and unbridled. This can cause trouble for brands that endorse these celebrities, however, and the behavior of celebrities can cause unexpected damage to a company that supports them. Such was the case with Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, when his antics caused his endorsement deals with several companies to collapse.…

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Insurance nightmare faced by One Direction

One Direction Insurance

The “Mission: Impossible” inspired set for a promo shoot has produced complex issues. The popular English-Irish pop boy band, One Direction, was on the set of a promo shoot for their most recent fragrance brand, but it turns out that the set, which was themed in the style of “Mission: Impossible” presented a number of different problems and issues, that caused it to become an insurance disaster. The five entertainers faced death defying segments that finally required stuntmen to perform. The members of One Direction, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn…

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