Insurance news is made by top celebrities backing Obamacare

Insurance news Lady Gaga getcovered

Huge names from Lady Gaga to Olivia Wilde are Tweeting to Americans to use the health insurance exchanges. Some of the top celebrities in the country are making insurance news headlines by showing their support over Twitter to encourage people to enroll in the online marketplaces at the center of the healthcare reforms. More notables include Amy Poehler and Pharell, who are urging people to join and spread the word. The healthcare reforms weren’t without their own insurance news headlines, last week, as they got off to a rough start.…

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Workers compensation omission leads to massive fine for Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey - workers compensation insurance

The actor failed to obtain the insurance for the employees of his art studio and faces a $72,000 fine. Actor and comedian, Jim Carrey, has been fined $72,000 for his failure to obtain workers compensation insurance coverage for the employees who work at his art studio in New York. As the founder of the Church of FFC studio, Carrey is being sued by the New York state WCB. According to reports, the 51 year old celebrity founded the art studio in 2011 and is now the recipient of a lawsuit…

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Life insurance policy on Jessica Simpson to be split between divorcing parents

jessica simpson life insurance

The massive policy first made headlines when it was discovered that it was taken out in secret. Jessica Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson, first made life insurance headlines when it was discovered that he had taken out a major life insurance policy on his daughter. Now, that coverage will be split in the divorce between Joe and Tina Simpson. If he had intended to be able to keep the life insurance to himself, he lost that opportunity as assets are being divided in his divorce proceedings. Now that the couple has…

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Insurance news being made by Amy Grant and her father

Insurance News Amy Grant NAIC

The Grammy award winning singer has announced her support for the NAIC in light of her dad’s health. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has placed itself in the insurance news spotlight, as it makes headlines through the support that it has received through Amy Grant. The musician has been speaking about the importance of coverage to protect consumers against the unexpected. Grant has been making insurance news headlines as she highlights the benefits of purchasing policies to guard against damaging events. She explained that “Planning ahead and getting smart…

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Nebraska insurance firm files lawsuit against Lance Armstrong

Nebraska insurance company sues Lance Armstrong

The insurer has now sued the cyclist for collecting performance bonuses worth $3 million by cheating. Lance Armstrong isn’t finished seeing the backlash from the discovery that he cheated during his major cycling competitions – such as the Tour de France – as a Nebraska insurance company has now filed a lawsuit against him for wrongful collection of payments. The company alleges that he cheated in order to take in a $3 million performance bonus. This performance bonus was offered by the Nebraska insurance company when Armstrong’s team purchased a…

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