Berkshire Hathaway makes a move on business insurance

Business Insurance

Berkshire Hathaway to muscle into business insurance sector Berkshire Hathaway is making a strong move into the business insurance sector in order to have a greater impact on how this sector operates. The company has been looking to enter into new sectors of the global insurance industry lately in order to take advantage of new opportunities that exist in developing markets around the world. In the past, the company has pushed into the business insurance sector due to certain trends, but this time is different for Berkshire Hathaway. Company cites…

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Catastrophe bonds remain unaffected by Hurricane Sandy

Catastrophe Bonds Insurance News

Catastrophe bonds investors shrug off impact of natural disaster Catastrophe bonds are unlikely to be swayed by the impact of Hurricane Sandy, as investors show little concern for the storm’s impact on the U.S. and the global insurance industry. Though Hurricane Sandy is being considered one of the largest storms to ever impact the U.S., causing approximately $20 billion in damage according to early estimates, it may not be able to cause a panic amongst investors. Catastrophe bonds have yet to show any indication of negative impact from the storm,…

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Insurance-linked securities showing strong results

insurance industry report

Aon reports insurance-linked securities performing well despite economic turmoil Aon Benfield Securities, the investment banking division of the global reinsurance organization, has launched the latest edition of its annual report on insurance-linked securities. Insurance-linked securities are financial instruments whose value is determined by insurance loss events. In its latest report, titled “Evolving Strength 2012,” Aon highlights a number of key trends it has observed over the past year. These trends range from the frequency and severity of natural disasters to the issuance of catastrophe bonds. Catastrophe bond issuance on the…

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Barclay’s launches new insurance-linked security product for the global insurance industry

 Barclay’s Capital, a worldwide investment bank based in the UK, has launched a new initiative that is aimed at providing the insurance industry with added protections against natural disasters. The financial institution will begin supplying insurance-linked securities that will embolden the insurance industry against catastrophes. The new service will help placate the concerns of investors who are growing leery of the insurance industry’s constant struggle with disastrous storms and other events. Barclay’s believed that the insurance-linked security products will help the industry cope with any financial turbulence it may experience…

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Cat bonds still steady even with major disasters

After the devastation in Japan two months ago, investors were keeping a watchful eye on the stock and bond market. It appears though, that the catastrophe bond (CAT bonds) division has been holding strong. Analysts and brokers have commented that no drastic price decreases or large spreads have occurred to cause them to be worried. The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan were what investors are calling the biggest adversity to happen since the financial woes of the Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy. The catastrophe bond sector is still strong…

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