Michigan’s auto insurance rates are the most expensive in the United States

Auto insurance rates high - Michigan

The state has returned to the top spot for having coverage more costly than any other in the country. Michigan has now retaken its title as having the most expensive auto insurance rates in the United States, after having lost that top spot for a while due to the initial impact of the change in certain regulations. The average driver in the state pays about $196 per month for coverage. This represents about three times the national average auto insurance rates. While the state is home to much of the…

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Here’s What the Best Medical Insurance Companies in India Have in Common

In today’s world of skyrocketing medical costs, a health insurance plan known as ‘Mediclaim’ has become unavoidable. If you don’t have one, you could find yourself paying a lot of money out of your own savings. Even as it increasingly pays for basic care, health insurance continues to serve the purpose of dispersing risk. Understanding the significance of health insurance for your family is only the beginning. Today, there are a wide range of health insurance plans available in the market, however, it is important to choose the right one…

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USAA auto insurance app expansion brings SafePilot telematics to 7 more states

Auto Insurance App - people using phone

The program will become available to drivers in a total of 23 states across the country. USAA has announced that it is expanding the availability of SafePilot in its auto insurance app. As a result, drivers in an additional seven states will be able to access the telematics feature. This option will make it possible for drivers with safe habits to enjoy discounts on their premiums. USAA, the insurer focused on military members and their families, will make the SafePilot auto insurance app available to a total of 23 states…

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Allstate loses long-held second place in home state Illinois auto insurance market

Illinois auto insurance - image of Chicago, Illinois

The insurer has long held the number two position in the state, but Progressive’s growth was faster. Progressive has, for the first time, taken Allstate’s position in its Illinois auto insurance home state market. Based on a key measure, Allstate has lost the position it has been holding for decades. Based in Cleveland, Ohio Progressive now provides Illinois auto insurance for a larger number of vehicles than Allstate, which is based in Northbrook. This tally uses the figures filed with the state Department of Insurance. Possibly more importantly, Progressive’s rapid…

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Progressive Insurance Snapshot program may make it easier to lower auto premiums

progressive insurance news

The insurer is temporarily tweaking the rules of its UBI to better serve policyholders during the pandemic. The Progressive Insurance Snapshot program is being temporarily altered as a part of a strategy to make it easier to reduce a customer’s premiums throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This usage based insurance program was designed to help good driving habits to be reflected in premiums. The Progressive Insurance Snapshot program uses either a mobile app or a device installed in the vehicle to track a policyholder’s driving behaviors. It detects occurrences such as…

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Will State Farm lose its US auto insurance dominance to Geico?

US Auto insurance - Hands and car

If current trends continue, the United States will have a new top vehicle insurer by 2022. For decades, State Farm has held onto the top spot among US auto insurance companies. That said, if recent trends keep up as they have been, it won’t be long before it loses its crown to a much younger rival. State farm has suffered business losses as a result of several steep rate hikes in recent years. The leader in US auto insurance has suffered steep losses after a spectrum of notably large rate…

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