Louisiana gives State Farm the green light to raise auto insurance rates

Auto insurance rates - Green light - Louisiana

Drivers in the state are already facing high premiums for their homeowners coverage. Homeowners have already been watching their premiums rise in Louisiana, and now drivers can expect that their auto insurance rates will be rising there as well. State Farm recently requested a hike of 17 percent in the state, and it now has its approval. Drivers are starting to wonder how they will be able to afford their auto insurance rates following hikes that have already been applied to their home coverage. “It’s not nice to be a…

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Could Tesla car insurance become the largest auto insurer in the US?

Tesla car insurance - Tesla vehicle on road

According to a recent valuation by CEO Elon Musk, the company is headed in that direction. If a recent valuation of the Tesla car insurance offshoot of the electric vehicle company is to be believed, it could eventually become one of the largest auto insurers in the United States. Musk dropped several hints of this nature during a recent quarterly earnings call. Musk discussed the Tesla car insurance unit in terms of comprising a substantial portion of the company’s auto business. “Obviously, insurance is substantial. So, insurance could very well…

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Driverless cars may be a problem for the auto insurance industry

auto insurance car transportation hybrid

Self-driving vehicles need legislative attention Driverless vehicles could be a disruptor for the auto insurance market, but they will have to overcome several legislative hurdles before they can do so. When it comes to the law, self-driving cars become a very complicated matter. For instance, when such a car is involved in a collision, where the blame can be placed for the incident can be difficult to determine. This is something that auto insurance companies and lawmakers are grappling with. Insurers are forming a better understanding of self-driving cars and…

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Auto insurance highest in Louisiana yet again

Louisiana Auto Insurance rates

The latest comparison of rates among the states has held the state as the most expensive, once more. According to the latest statistics from Insure, a comparison of the average auto insurance rates in March have shown that Louisiana drivers pay the highest amounts in the entire country. The next state after Louisiana in terms of the highest expense for coverage was Michigan. Louisiana drivers pay an average annual auto insurance rate of $2,699, while Michigan motorists pay an annual average of $2,520. In third place was Georgia, where the…

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Usage based insurance patent granted to Progressive for sixth time

usage based insurance measure

The Snapshot program has now received another level of protection for its mobile device technology. Progressive has just received yet another patent in connection to its usage based insurance program, which covers the specific mobile device that is used by the insurers to obtain driver data. The insurer was awarded U.S. Patent Number 8,311,858 for its mobile device. The wireless device is installed into the vehicle of the usage based insurance policyholder in order to provide data to the insurer that can be used in order to determine that motorist’s…

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Auto insurance minimum coverage required in Ohio may rise

car insurance auto claims

Drivers in the state may see a number of changes to their vehicle coverage over the next while. Ohio auto insurance customers have just discovered that there may be a number of different coverage changes that they will be seeing over the next year and beyond. This is due to the fact that House Bill 278 was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives. Should the bill be approved, it will mean that the minimum auto insurance amounts that are required for valid proof of financial responsibility in the state,…

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Auto insurance estimates for damage from Sandy reach 230,000 vehicles

Homeowners flood Insurance

The NICB has released its preliminary estimates from the superstorm, showing most is in NY. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has now revealed its preliminary auto insurance estimates for vehicles that were damaged when Sandy came crashing through. The NICB believes that there were around 230,000 vehicles affected by the storm. The auto insurance estimates have indicated that of that total, around 130,000 are located in the state of New York, while another 60,000 are in New Jersey. The remaining 40,000 vehicles in that total are from Maine, Washington D.C.,…

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