Factors That Impact Car Insurance Premium Negatively and What You Can Do About It

Car Insurance rates

A number of things affect our auto insurance rates. Some work to our advantage and lead to discounts, whereas others get us deemed risky customers and lead to higher insurance premiums. There may not be much we can do about how old we are and where we live, but there are certain factors that impact our premiums negatively which we do have control over. Read on to find out what these factors are and what you can do to stop them from creating a bigger hole in your pocket. Your…

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Auto insurance premiums skyrocket after a claim

Ohio insurance auto premiums

Ohio drivers only need to make one claim to watch the amount that they pay rise by 35 percent. According to the results of a recent report, after filing only one claim on a policy, a driver in Ohio can expect to see his or her auto insurance premiums jump by an average of 35 percent. This increase in the monthly bill is the 16th highest that was measured among the states. The auto insurance premiums report was issued by Bankrate.com, the parent of InsuranceQuotes.com, which conducted it in the…

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Auto insurance theft claims low for Prius

Vehicle Theft black friday auto insurance claims

According to recent data, thieves seem to avoid this Toyota hybrid vehicle. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released its statistics related to auto insurance claims for stolen vehicles and has found that the Toyota Prius is rarely targeted by thieves. This popular hybrid vehicle has a very low theft rate Furthermore, the report also showed that even when this vehicle is stolen, it is common for law enforcement to find it quickly and return it to its owner. This can mean good news for the auto insurance premiums that…

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Auto insurance claims regarding deer-vehicle crashes on the rise

Auto Insurance claims on the rise with deer collisions

Adjusters and body shops in North Carolina have been especially busy this season. Although drivers in North Carolina have always needed to remain aware of deer near the roads, this year is proving to be an especially problematic one for auto insurance claims involving collisions between vehicles and the animals. This time of year presents a dangerous combination of hormonal deer and vehicle traffic at dusk and dawn. According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Park and Recreation natural resources manager, Chris Matthews, “This is the time of year when the deer get…

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Funny but strange auto insurance claims associated with animals

Auto vs pet insurance claims Admiral Insurance has released a report that includes the 12 most unusual auto insurance claims that have involved animals since the start of 2012. Within the last two years, for example, peacocks have been associated with claims on four separate occasions. In one case, the peacock clawed at the car when it saw its own reflection in the paint. In another instance, pet peacocks broke loose and damaged a vehicle parked in their neighbor’s driveway. Dogs have also been frequently associated with claims, including when…

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Satisfaction with auto insurance claims remains steady regardless of rise in number of claims and repair times

A report released by J.D. Power and Associates, called the 2012 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study – Wave 1, that has shown that despite the fact that there has been a rise in the number of car insurance claims, and it is taking longer for vehicle repairs to be completed, customer satisfaction remained about the same throughout the last quarter of 2011. The number of claims rose as a result of damage from weather, which also meant that repair shops faced a higher-than-normal volume during that last quarter. The average length…

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What should you know about making claims following a hurricane?

Following hurricane Irene, many people are wondering how to go about making insurance claims on their policies. There are several tips that are being made by the industry to help people to get the most out of their policies and to allow them to be processed with the greatest speed and ease. The first steps include the following: • Contact an insurance adjuster as soon as possible so that they can view the extent of the damage. • Once the agent has assessed the damage, you may begin preventing further…

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