Study highlights plights of private health insurance in Canada

Canada health critical illness insurance industry

Canada’s private insurance sector may be in need of reform A new study from the Center for Health Services and Policy Research at the University of British Columbia suggests that private health insurance may be inadequate. The study shows that there is a significant gap between the premiums that consumers pay for coverage and the claims payouts that are issued by insurance companies. As such, major reforms may be in order for Canada’s insurance sector in order to make health care more beneficial for consumers. Study shows that there is…

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Health insurance improvements may reduce drug related deaths

health insurance drug Coverage

A new study conducted by American and Canadian researchers has provided new insight for the industry. The results of new research have just been released in Vancouver, indicating that health insurance could help to reduce the instance of deaths related to the use of opioid drugs. The reason that was found for this trend is that substitution treatment would be covered. Health insurance makes it possible for patients to be able to have coverage for methadone and other substitution treatments when they are struggling with addictions to these powerful medications.…

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