Insurance Commissioner Jones calls for the insurance industry to divest in coal

Dave Jones California insurance commissioner insurance industry rates

Commissioner Jones asks insurers to cut their investments in the coal industry California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has issued a call to the insurance industry, encouraging companies to divest from the coal industry. Commissioner Jones is working to require insurers to disclose their investments in coal companies as well. The use of coal among utilities has fallen sharply over the past few years due to federal emissions regulations, but coal companies still receive strong financial support from both the public and private sectors. By divesting from coal, the insurance industry…

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San Francisco seeks to help residents acquire health insurance coverage

California Health Insurance

City is working to address the lack of insurance coverage among consumers Consumers in San Francisco, California, are finding it difficult to afford their health insurance coverage. The city is notorious for its high cost of living, which has lead many people to forgo acquiring insurance coverage. They are also avoiding seeking medical care or taking advantage of free services that are intended for the poor. Notably, a significant portion of these consumers are eligible for subsidies from the federal government that help cut down the cost of health insurance…

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California approves new auto insurance products for TNC industry

california immigrant auto insurance law

New insurance products will be available for TNC drivers California officials have approved new auto insurance products that will affect the Transportation Network Company (TNC) space. Companies like Uber and Lyft have had a major impact on the insurance space, largely due to concerns that these companies are not providing adequate coverage for their drivers. Insurers are beginning to take note of the rising popularity of TNC and, in order to mitigate risks, have begun offering new insurance policies. State Farm is among these companies. State Farm is among several…

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New earthquake insurance options being offered in California

oklahoma earthquake insurance industry

California Earthquake Authority launches new options to make earthquake insurance more available Homeowners in California will have more options when it comes to earthquake insurance in 2016. The California Earthquake Authority will be offering new options for consumers, allowing them to purchase more affordable insurance coverage that better suit their needs. This comes as a response to the fact that many homeowners lack earthquake insurance coverage, which can expose them to significant financial risks that they may not be able to handle on their own. Many consumers lack the earthquake…

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New auto insurance policy designed for drive-share companies approved in California

auto insurance ride share program

State Insurance Commissioner approves new auto insurance policy for drivers California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has approved the state’s first official auto insurance policy designed specifically for Lyft and Uber drivers. The policy has been formed to address the problems associated with drive-share companies and the insurance coverage that they offer to their drivers. The insurance policy is coming from MetLife Auto & Home. The policy will provide individual coverage for Uber and Lyft workers, providing them with the protection they have may have been lacking in the past. Coverage…

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Health insurance coverage set to expand in Los Angeles County

Health Insurance Rates California Expected to Rise

Uninsured population in LA County remains quite high The uninsured population remains high in Los Angeles County, California, despite successfully enrolling nearly half a million people into the state’s health insurance exchange last year. Only five other states have a higher uninsured population than Los Angeles County alone, which has become a significant concern for state officials and consumer advocates. Caring for those without insurance coverage falls upon the county government and a network of community clinics that are tasked with providing medical care. Report shows that some 1.55 million…

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Electric vehicles also come with higher auto insurance premiums

auto insurance losses power grid electricity blackout electric car

Research shows that those with electric vehicles pay more for their insurance coverage Research from NerdWallet suggests that those with electric vehicles have higher auto insurance premiums. The organization has compared the premiums that drivers of electric vehicles and those with conventional vehicles experience. The reason why electric vehicles are attached to higher auto insurance premiums is due to the relatively high costs associated with operating and maintaining these vehicles. Repairing an electric vehicle can be a costly process, which could lead to financial losses for insurance providers, which has…

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