Life insurance case won by Frankie Valli

Frankie Vallie Life Insurance Wowes

A California court overturned a previous decision that the celebrity’s ex-wife would be able to claim the policy. Frankie Valli, celebrity and music legend, has been undergoing an extremely complex and messy divorce, which has involved a considerable case regarding whether or not his ex-wife would be able to claim his life insurance policy. This case looked into a common and very murky part of divorce law in California and how it involves policies. Although it had previously been decided that Randy Valli would be able to receive the full…

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Workers’ compensation takes a step backward in California

Worker’s compensation in the state of California has been handed another notable struggle after the Fifth District Court of Appeal (DCA) in that state chose not to review the decision of the Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) with regards to the June 16, 2011 case of State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) v. WCAB. This appears to be a potentially detrimental blow to the efforts of the Schwarzenegger administration to bring some health back into the permanent disability system of workers’ compensation in California. Though it is possible for the SCIF…

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