Millions of dollars in life insurance benefits owed to unknowing Californians

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There are thousands of people living in the state who are owed large amounts of unclaimed money. Officials in California have now said that thousands of people across the state are owed millions of dollars in life insurance benefits – sometimes in amounts that are greater than $100,000 – and that many of these individuals have no idea that this money is owed to them. The California Controller’s Office said that some insurance companies haven’t made any effort to find beneficiaries. According to the Controller’s Office, in many cases, there…

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Life insurance case won by Frankie Valli

A California court overturned a previous decision that the celebrity’s ex-wife would be able to claim the policy. Frankie Valli, celebrity and music legend, has been undergoing an extremely complex and messy divorce, which has involved a considerable case regarding whether or not his ex-wife would be able to claim his life insurance policy. This case looked into a common and very murky part of divorce law in California and how it involves policies. Although it had previously been decided that Randy Valli would be able to receive the full…

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Life insurance fraud culprits caught faking death

insurance fraud

A family has been accused of making false claims on a number of policies totaling over $1 million. A former resident of Toronto, Canada, was discovered living in California after having made claims on several life insurance policies in his name half a decade ago, allowing his family to collect. This fraud against the insurers racked up payouts of over $1 million for the individual’s family. The fraudsters took out a number of life insurance policies on the man and then faked his death so that they would be able…

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Life insurance settlements in California reach $763 million

Life Insurance

So far, there have been 11 insurers that have joined into the multistate agreement to pay. According to John Chiang, the California State Controller, there have been 11 life insurance companies that have now signed the multistate settlements for unpaid benefits of up to $763 million. These settlements were the result of a half decade investigation conducted by Mr. Chiang and his team. This investigation looked into the compliance that the life insurance industry has maintained with the unclaimed property laws in California. What his research revealed was that companies…

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Life insurance regulations overhaul isn’t ready for California commissioner’s vote

California life Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones

The top official of the state’s industry regulator says the rules need more polish. The commissioner in California has cautioned the regulators of other states that he will not be voting in favor of a life insurance regulations overhaul until a better understanding of the necessary resources is established. The overhaul would change the way that insurers establish their claims reserves. Commissioner Dave Jones said that he was not ready to vote for the life insurance regulations overhaul because the industry did not yet have a firm enough grasp on…

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MetLife agrees to settle life insurance claims in several states

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The life insurance giant has agreed to a multistate settlement following regulator allegations among many states. MetLife Inc., the massive company that provides life insurance to millions of individuals across dozens of states, has announced that it will make approximately $438 million in payments toward a multistate settlement following allegations from regulators that said that it had withheld or delayed payments to thousands of policyholders. The payments will be made to beneficiaries over the next 17 years, with payments worth $188 this year. Regulators in many different states have all…

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The new website has announced the availability of its full service insurance quote website that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the residents of California. The site is now offering Californians fast and easy access to free instant insurance quotes from insurers located within their area. It also provides the ability to compare the top quotes from several insurance companies so that users will always know that they are receiving the coverage they need, but at the best possible price that can be found. The…

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California homeowners to benefit from new insurance regulations

New rules for homeowners insurance have been implemented in California to help to protect people when disaster strikes their homes. The regulations have been implemented to help consumers to make sure that they have the coverage that they need when they have been paying into an insurance policy and the time comes that they need to make a claim following a disaster. According to Amy Bach, the head of United Policyholders, following a large loss, people frequently discover that they don’t have as much coverage as “they thought they had…

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Report shows insurance is an economic player in California

A new report has shown that the property and casualty industry for California insurance is responsible for bringing billions of dollars into the state. The report, which was released by the Insurance Information Institute, showed that in 2008, that sector of the insurance industry brought $34.7 billion into the economy. It also showed that insurers are responsible for approximately 2 percent of the total gross state product for California. In fact, in that state, there are more insurance professionals employed than in any other state in the country. In 2009,…

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New death benefit battle rages on with life insurance companies

Insurance companies are now facing a new battle in the challenge for data management as state regulators are now requiring that they verify their life insurance policies against the data from the Social Security Death Master File. This is only the most recent of several changes that have been made by state regulators that are designed to help to identify life insurance policy beneficiaries by working with the Social Security Death Master File and checking it against the records for the insurance policies. While the actual regulations for this effort…

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