Insurance news in California spotlights a massive liability case victory

Cost sharing health plan makes insurance news

The state Supreme Court has ruled that multiple coverages can mean multiple payouts. The latest insurance news from the California Supreme Court has shown that it has ruled that the state and businesses who are covered by liability policies purchased from multiple insurers are now able to collect from each of those insurers separately when major losses are incurred. This is a potentially huge victory for both the state and the companies operating within it. One of the state’s lawyers explained the insurance news by saying that this ruling, which…

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California homeowners to benefit from new insurance regulations

New rules for homeowners insurance have been implemented in California to help to protect people when disaster strikes their homes. The regulations have been implemented to help consumers to make sure that they have the coverage that they need when they have been paying into an insurance policy and the time comes that they need to make a claim following a disaster. According to Amy Bach, the head of United Policyholders, following a large loss, people frequently discover that they don’t have as much coverage as “they thought they had…

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Report shows insurance is an economic player in California

A new report has shown that the property and casualty industry for California insurance is responsible for bringing billions of dollars into the state. The report, which was released by the Insurance Information Institute, showed that in 2008, that sector of the insurance industry brought $34.7 billion into the economy. It also showed that insurers are responsible for approximately 2 percent of the total gross state product for California. In fact, in that state, there are more insurance professionals employed than in any other state in the country. In 2009,…

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