Bills introduced to address health insurance issues in California

Governor Jerry Brown - California health insurance

California lawmakers look to provide consumers with more protection in the health insurance sector California lawmakers have introduced two bills to Governor Jerry Brown this week. Each of the bills is awaiting Brown’s approval, which lawmakers expect to come in short order. The bills are meant to provide consumers with more protection in the health insurance sector, preventing insurers from refusing coverage for those with pre-existing medical conditions and prohibiting the limitation of coverage or excessive charging for coverage of older consumers. The legislations are also meant to make the…

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Health insurance in some parts of California may be on the rise

California Health Insurance

Bay Area residents may experience hikes in their premiums for their coverage next year. Consumers living in the Bay Area could potentially experience increases to their health insurance premiums, say some industry experts, if new proposals are all to pass by lawmakers in the state. The federal healthcare law is currently being interpreted by lawmakers and could lead to some added cost. Though some have predicted that there could be health insurance rate increases by as much as 20 percent, others don’t believe that the increases will be anywhere near…

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Insurance news from California insurer involves massive policy payments

Funeral insurance makes insurance news headlines

A Texas funeral policy company must pay out $25 million to its customers. A recent settlement in California has made insurance news as it has caused an insurer based in Texas to have to issue payments of $25 million in funeral policies to its customers. Officials in California have just reached this agreement with Forethought Group Inc. Forethought Group is a financial planning company and insurer that has been selling end-of-life and retirement planning. It underwent an audit in 2008, which identified an issue with the processes of the company,…

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California lawmakers renovate workplace injury coverage

Insurance industry risks - Banana Peel Survey

A new bill has been approved to give the system in the state a complete overhaul. Lawmakers in California have announced their latest insurance news by sharing that they have approved a bill that has the support of both labor groups and businesses, in order to give an overhaul to the coverage system in the state for employees injured on the job. This bill received tremendous bipartisan support in the state’s Democrat dominated legislature. The bill received its approval just in time for the completion of this year’s session, boosting…

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Insurance news in California spotlights a massive liability case victory

Cost sharing health plan makes insurance news

The state Supreme Court has ruled that multiple coverages can mean multiple payouts. The latest insurance news from the California Supreme Court has shown that it has ruled that the state and businesses who are covered by liability policies purchased from multiple insurers are now able to collect from each of those insurers separately when major losses are incurred. This is a potentially huge victory for both the state and the companies operating within it. One of the state’s lawyers explained the insurance news by saying that this ruling, which…

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New UnitedHealthcare settlement by Commissioner Dave Jones makes California insurance news

Dave Jones California insurance commissioner insurance industry rates

The California Department of Insurance has just issued an insurance news release… A new report explains the details of a settlement that was made between UnitedHealthcare Insurance company and Commissioner Dave Jones which requires that, beginning immediately, behavioral therapy will be covered as a medical benefit for the treatment of autism. This new deal is only the most recent among industry wide changes that have been made to comply with the initiative that was created by Insurance Commissioner Jones. Three settlements have already been reached with other insurers earlier this…

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California District Attorneys awarded million in grants to fight insurance fraud

California’s Department of Insurance is issuing over $3 million in grants to the state’s District Attorneys in an effort to battle the spread of fraudulent disability and health claims. The state has been wracked with fraud for several years, a fact that Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has labored to rectify. According to Jones, the grants will be used to fun investigations and prosecutions as the state government looks to crack down on insurance fraud. Jones hopes that the move will also dissuade individuals from committing fraud, knowing that District Attorneys…

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