Bankrupt California insurance company may face state takeover

Bankrupt California insurance company

Regulators move to take over an insurer unable to pay its wildfire claims following massive destruction. A California insurance company bankrupted by the Camp Fire and other wildfires may be taken over by the state. Regulators have made their first moves toward a takeover after wildfires raged through the state, destroying over 13,000 homes. Merced Property & Casualty Company was unable to keep up with the cost of its policyholder claims. The California insurance company was pushed into insolvency by the wildfire sparked on November 8, 2018. That same fire…

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Lemonade insurance company heads into California with new license

lemonade insurance company

The tech-based insurer launched in New York and sells renters and homeowners insurance policies. The new Lemonade insurance company that made a splash in New York when it launched in the second half of 2016 is now stepping into California. This new tech-based insurance startup promises consumers an application process as short as 90 seconds. Moreover, the Lemonade insurance claims payment process can be as quick as 3 minutes, according to the company. The insurer received the necessary approval from the California Department of Insurance for the sale of homeowners…

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Zenefits California insurance company must pay $7 million fine

California Insurance company Fraud scam

The insurer was charged the fine by the state’s regulator for the use of certain software to illegally license staff. California insurance company, Zenefits, is now facing a fine of $7 million from the state’s regulator. This fine is primarily the result of the insurer’s use of software that made it possible to complete the pre-licensing coursework in a period of time below the state requirement. The California Department of Insurance penalized the health insurer with the multimillion dollar fine, last week. As a result, Zenefits is now facing one…

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California insurance company won’t pay for chemo but will cover assisted suicide

california insurance company

The new law in the state caused an insurer to deny coverage to a woman who is terminally ill. A woman with a terminal illness has reported that her California insurance company has offered to pay for her assisted suicide after denying her chemotherapy treatment coverage. The patient had previously been told her new chemotherapy drug – recommended by her doctors – would be covered. However, shortly afterward, California passed a law that made it legal for physicians to administer assisted suicide. Stephanie Packer received a scleroderma diagnosis. Hers has…

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California homeowners insurance could be tough for pit bull owners

Dog liability homeowners insurance

Households that include certain breeds of dog could soon find that they are being denied coverage. Homeowners insurance companies across California are starting to make the decision as to whether or not they will be continuing to cover properties in which the owners have certain breeds of dog such as pit bulls. These breeds are being seen as a potential liability, and the risk is deemed too high by some insurers. There have been reports of certain homeowners insurance companies – including The Hartford, which was mentioned in an article…

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Insurance company sues California commissioner

unitedhealth health insurance company

UnitedHealth Group has now filed a lawsuit with the intention of blocking a fine of $173 million. In order to try to stop itself from having to pay a $173.6 million fine as a result of an acquisition that went awry, the UnitedHealth Group insurance company has now sued the California insurance commissioner. The filing of the lawsuit was at the Orange County Superior Court near the end of last week. According to the insurance company, which is headquartered in Minnesota, the California commissioner, Dave Jones, is doing little more…

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Solar product insurance specialty policy now offered by ReneSola

Insurance industry News

The coverage is being provided through PowerGuard. ReneSola Ltd., a leading worldwide manufacturer of solar modules and wafers, based in San Francisco, California, has announced that it will now be working with PowerGuard in order to offer a range of solar product insurance options to its customers. PowerGuard Specialty Insurance Services will be providing the coverage to ReneSola’s clients. The coverage being offered will involve various long term policies for the products that have been sold by ReneSola. The insurer is a California based company that manages various specialty coverages…

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