Health care reforms session called by Governor Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown - California health insurance

A special legislative session will occur in California at the end of the year. Governor Jerry Brown has announced his intentions to call a special legislative session that will occur in California at the end of the year, in order to discuss the health care reforms and the way they will be implemented in the state. This session will begin in either December 2012, or January 2013. According to Diana Dooley, the California Health and Human Services Secretary, the special session will run alongside the regular legislative session. Dooley explained…

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California health insurance exchange to go to Accenture

California health insurance

The state will pay the company almost $360 million for creating and operating the enrollment system. State officials have announced that the contract for the California health insurance exchange eligibility and enrollment system will go to Accenture, for $359 million, The company is expected to have the system up and running to by late 2013. It will need to allow residents of the state, as well as small businesses, to shop for medical coverage and find out whether or not they are eligible to obtain federal healthcare subsidies, as well…

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