Auto insurance fraud under attack in California following $1.3 million grant

California Auto Insurance

A Contra Costa district attorney has directed the funds toward an aggressive effort. According to the district attorney in Conta Costra, California, officials will now be establishing an investigation into workers’ compensation, disability, health care, and auto insurance fraud, with the assistance of a state grant worth $1.3 million. The announcement explained that these funds will help in both investigations and prosecutions. The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office, and the California Department of Insurance made the announcement through District Attorney Mark Peterson, saying that the grand money would be…

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Auto insurance Proposition 33 rejected by voters

California auto insurance

The ballot measure that was designed to allow insurers to offer new discounts has been defeated. Voters in California have now rejected the Proposition 33 auto insurance measure, which was created to give insurers the ability to offer discounts to customers who maintained continuous coverage, but increase the rates for drivers whose coverage history was inconsistent. The current law in the state already allows for loyalty discounts for drivers who remain with one insurer. However, that law also stops those car insurers from using the discounts as a way to…

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Auto insurance customers with coverage gaps may face higher rates

auto Insurance bill

Battle over automobile coverage law in California rages on for two decades. The auto insurance war that regarding the laws in California are now entering their second decade between George Joseph, the billionaire Mercury General Corp. executive, and Harvey Rosenfield, the consumer advocate. The latest battle in the war will occur in November, when the two will face off over a ballot initiative. The initiative could bring the auto insurance law in California back to the way that it was before a provision was implemented in 1988. This would allow…

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California insurance Prop 33 has been rejected by judge

California's State Capital Building in Sacramento

The ruling was laid down in the Sacramento Superior Court. Judge Timothy Frawley from the Sacramento Superior Court has rejected in full arguments in a California insurance industry lawsuit that was filed in support of Proposition 33, upholding the Ballot Label of the Attorney General, which states that it “changes law to allow auto insurance companies to set prices based on a driver’s history of insurance coverage.” All of the consumer advocate pamphlet statements that had been made against Prop 33 were also upheld. Among those upheld by Frawly included…

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Proof of California auto insurance goes mobile

California auto insurance has just taken a high tech step forward with electronic proof of coverage. Rooting around to find proof of coverage when you’ve been pulled over is about to become a thing of the past as California auto insurance goes electronic and a new bill allows motorists to use their smartphones to provide the proof of a policy. This will be an acceptable form of proof regardless of the situation. Whether you are pulled over by a police officer, or if you need to exchange information following a…

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Helpful tips to keep your California auto insurance premiums low

The two most common mars on a motorist’s driving record and that can cause California auto insurance to become more expensive than it needs to be are tickets and at-fault accidents. Though most drivers are worried about increases in premiums over time, there are many things that they can do to help to keep those costs as low as possible. This involves maintaining a driving record that is as spotless as possible, which is beneficial not only for keeping lowered insurance payments, but also to keep you, your passengers, and…

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The new website has announced the availability of its full service insurance quote website that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the residents of California. The site is now offering Californians fast and easy access to free instant insurance quotes from insurers located within their area. It also provides the ability to compare the top quotes from several insurance companies so that users will always know that they are receiving the coverage they need, but at the best possible price that can be found. The…

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